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Get Quality Millipede Control For Your Home

Professional millipede control is essential for homeowners recoiling in terror that millipedes are crawling on their property. Almost extraterrestrial by appearance, this nocturnal multi-legged pest is the cause of sleepless nights for many Canadians. At the first sight of millipedes seeking shelter in your space, call Terminix Canada.

Essentially, millipedes invade backyards where there is moisture and decaying organic matter. Outdoors, they’re typically discovered in dark places beneath trash and by grass clippings, mulch, leaf litter and rotting wood. Millipede control in house is required when millipedes invade your home in search of shelter during wet seasons. They harbour in cool and damp places like your basement, crawlspace or garage.

When you’re looking for the best way to get rid of millipedes, choose our millipede control professionals. DIY millipede killers are many but they don’t have the longevity of our industry-leading millipede treatment. Our millipede pest control team is backed by over 90 years of experience so we have the right tools and expertise to rid your home of disgusting millipedes.

Millipedes In Canada


Size: 2 mm to 35 cm long.

Colour: Black, dark brown or shiny reddish.

Behaviour: Often confused with centipedes, millipedes share few common traits. Millipedes are longer with rounded bodies with each body segment having two pairs of short legs. Did you know some millipedes have up to 400 legs? Millipedes primarily feed on decaying matter although some feed on small insects. These pests live in soil, causing damage to young plants by attacking roots and stripping stems. Some millipedes are attracted to light and may also be found in large numbers around patios, driveways and decks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Terminix Canada has been freeing homes from scary looking pests like millipedes for over 90 years. Millipede removal is a straightforward task for our team. 

While some homeowners use vacuum cleaners to remove millipedes from walls and floors, save yourself the struggle and call in the professionals. DIY millipede catchers may work once but they aren’t half as effective as our purpose-built millipede treatment. Get real results and peace of mind over a safe millipede-free home with Terminix Canada. 

The core season for treating millipedes usually takes place over six months, from May to October.

Millipedes pose no real threat to humans since they aren’t poisonous and don’t bite or sting. However, they can emit a fluid toxin to defend themselves from predators when they feel threatened. Curling into a tight ball, some species of millipede can spray this fluid several inches. The fluid causes skin irritation and must be washed immediately. Additional scrubbing may be required to get rid of the odour.

Typically living outside in damp areas including compost piles, flowerpots, boards or stones, millipedes enter your home in search of water or shelter when heavy rain disturbs their natural habitat.

If you’ve spotted a millipede infestation on your property, chances are the millipedes were breeding in your lawn or under mulch, leaf litter or debris near your foundation.

You can make your home less attractive to millipedes by using a dehumidifier in damp areas of your home. Secondly, sealing all foundational cracks and crevices while keeping your yard free of any rotting wood, decaying grass and leaves helps guard against millipedes too.

Nevertheless, preventing a millipede infestation is a very difficult task despite them moving slowly. Ultimately, millipedes are easy to miss since they are nocturnal and hide during the day. The best way to get rid of millipedes is Terminix Canada. All members of our millipede control team are knowledgeable about millipedes’ hiding places. We’ll put our expertise to work so you can relax in a millipede-free home.

How Terminix Canada Millipede Control Works

Millipede Inspection

On your initial service, we’ll hunt high and low for millipedes, documenting our findings in a comprehensive inspection.

Millipede Defence

We’ll treat the interior and exterior of your home, targeting the millipedes you see and the ones you don’t. Outside, we’ll establish an effective perimeter around your property.

Millipede Monitoring

During ongoing service treatments, we’ll come back to treat outside your home, fortifying the perimeter to keep you protected. Our custom millipede treatments adapt with the seasons to address seasonal millipede activity in your area. This way, you’re protected all year long.

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    I had quite the build up of ants and spiders in the basement and Terminix came and took care of everything. They also explained to me what they were doing as they … read more were doing it. They also had an eco friendly option which we loved!

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