Get centipedes off your property for good. Our centipede control gets to the root of infested areas to liberate your space.

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Our Centipede Control Stops Creepy Crawlies Causing Chaos 

Among the scariest household pests by appearance, our centipede control helps homeowners deal with house centipede infestations. If you’ve ever tried to catch centipedes before, you’ll know that multiple pairs of legs mean speedy movement.

Growing up to 15 cm long, these segmented arthropods invade homes in search of other pests to eat, water and shelter from the cold. Scurrying away when they sense danger, centipedes are nocturnal too. An evasive species, your best bet for centipede removal is Terminix Canada.

Our centipede exterminators are backed by over 90 years of pest control experience. That means you can trust them to deal with your centipede infestation. Equipped with the right tools and the right expertise, our centipede control team know how to eliminate centipedes before they become a bigger problem in your home.

Centipedes In Canada


Size: 2.5 to 15 cm long.

Colour: Mostly brownish or orange brown.

Behaviour: During the day, centipedes hide in dark and damp areas, and become active at night to forage for food. Centipedes are found where large numbers of other insects are since they feed on them. Their prey are other household pests including spiders, beetles, moth larvae, ants, and worms. They even prey on other centipedes too. They are predators and use ambush tactics to disable their prey. Discovered in places with plenty of cracks and crevices, centipedes infest basements and garages, and are often found outdoors in mulched gardens too.


Frequently Asked Questions

Terminix Canada has been liberating homes from disgusting pests for over 90 years. That’s why you can trust our centipede control team in your space.

While keeping your home clean and sanitary, and sealing foundation gaps is key, our centipede treatment provides true peace of mind. DIY centipede removal tactics are inferior solutions to our industry-leading centipede extermination techniques.

The core season for treating centipedes usually takes place over four months, from May to August.

A venomous pest, a centipedes’ bite is not harmful to humans but can be very uncomfortable with swelling. Centipedes don’t normally leave signs of an infestation, nor do they damage buildings or contaminate food. However, their sheer scary appearance provides homeowners enough reason to want swift centipede removal.

Centipedes feed on home-invading species like cockroaches and spiders, so an abundance of prey often lures these pests into homes. You may find centipedes in cement block walls, boxes, clutter on the floor, or floor drains. Food, water and the warmth and safety of a heated home may also attract centipedes inside to reproduce. When centipedes invade your yard, they’re often in search of food. If food is discovered near exterior walls, they can easily penetrate gaps in your home foundation.

Indoor centipede control involves improving ventilation or lowering humidity and moisture in basements and crawlspaces. Outdoor centipede control involves the removal of any boxes, boards, compost piles, woodpiles, leaf litter, grass clippings, and plant materials.

For an effective solution you can trust, call Terminix Canada. Our centipede control is the best way to permanently remove these crawling eyesores from your property.

How Terminix Canada Centipede Control Works

Centipede Inspection

On your initial service, we’ll hunt high and low for centipedes, documenting our findings in a comprehensive inspection.

Centipede Defence

We’ll treat the interior and exterior of your home, targeting the centipedes you see and the ones you don’t. Outside, we’ll establish an effective perimeter around your property.

Centipede Monitoring

During ongoing service treatments, we’ll come back to treat outside your home, fortifying the perimeter to keep you protected. Our custom centipede treatments adapt with the seasons to address seasonal centipede activity in your area. This way, you’re protected all year long.

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