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Our zebra jumping spider removal service is the best and safest way to rid your home or business of spiders for good.

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Zebra Jumping Spider Identification

Size: 5 to 19 mm long (female body), 5 to 6 mm (male body).

Colour: Black with white stripes.

Description: This spider species has distinctive black and white colouration with a solid band of white around the front of its abdomen.

Order/Family: Araneae/Salticidae.

Scientific Name: Salticus scenicus.

Did You Know?

Zebra jumping spiders don’t have extensor muscles but gain their jumping ability from pressure created when blood is pumped around their body.

Zebra Jumping Spider Biology

Firstly, zebra jumping spiders breed once a year and mate between late spring and early summer. Females lay egg sacs with each containing between 15 to 25 eggs. Hatching in around three to four weeks, females guard the spiderlings until they can be independent. With a life expectancy of two to three years, females outlive males.

Zebra Jumping Spider Behaviour, Diet, Habitat and Life Cycle

Terrestrial in nature, zebra jumping spiders live in solitude and don’t construct webs like most other spider species. Instead, zebra jumping spiders stalk for their prey during the daytime before pouncing. This spiders’ diet consists of flying insects like flies and mosquitoes but also spiders smaller than them too.

Very common spiders in North America and frequently discovered throughout British Columbia, this species often inhabits areas close to homes such as fences, walls and windowsills. Living for around two to three years on average with females outliving males, zebra jumping spiders have small fixed eyes to track side and rear movement. You can distinguish males from females given their huge mouthparts with fangs (chelicerae).

Wondering How To Get Rid Of Zebra Jumping Spiders?

Are you questioning how to get rid of zebra jumping spiders? Firstly, you should know that this species breaches homes and businesses by entering through wall cracks or poorly sealed windows and doors. Maintaining these potential entry points is vital to guard against any spider species entering your space.

Thorough vacuuming can remove zebra jumping spiders themselves but getting rid of them is a job best left to the professionals. If you still aren’t sure how to get rid of spiders, contact Terminix Canada today. We specialize in  residential and commercial zebra jumping spider control.

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Our spider removal service is the best and safest way to rid your home or business of spiders for good.  

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