Calling our termite exterminators is the best and safest option to rid your home of termites for good.

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When you need professional termite removal, turn to Terminix Canada. We permanently get rid of termites so you can maintain a safe and healthy space.

Termite Identification

Size: 6 mm to 20 mm.

Colour: Can vary in colour from white to dark brown.

Description: Termites have soft short bodies, with straight antennae and straight abdomen. They don’t have pinched waists like ants do. Flying termites have equal length wings.

Order/Family: Blattodea/Infraorder Isoptera.

Scientific Name: Isoptera.

Did You Know?

The queen of certain termite species can lay millions of eggs a year.

Termite Biology

There are over 2,000 different species of termites all over the world. The queen termites are at the centre of termites’ life cycle, responsible for reproduction. The queen lays her eggs, which then hatch into larvae, molt and become workers, soldiers, primary reproductive or secondary reproductive.

There is slight variation in colour and size between different species of termites. There are three different castes within termite colonies, each providing a different role. Soldiers tend to have harder heads, worker-like bodies and are often dark in colour. Alates or flying termites have wings and hard exoskeletons. They are often very dark in colour. Worker termites tend to be the smallest, have soft bodies, and look similar to larvae. They are also the lightest in colour.

Termite Behaviour, Diet, Habitat and Life Cycle

Termites live in colonies, sharing a similar social caste to ants. They must live in warm and humid environments as their colonies are prone to dying out. In Canada, termites often nest below the frost line and find their way into homes and buildings underground.

If your home or business is climate controlled year-round, like most properties, it creates optimal temperatures for termites to live in. If you have any excess moisture in your home, drainage issues, or condensation around or under your foundation, you run a risk of attracting termites.

Termites are attracted to any and all wood. Therefore, your framing, landscaping and any outdoor firewood are all appealing to them. Termites can enter your home or business through the smallest of cracks or openings. They eat cellulose material, which includes wood, plants, carpet, insulation, sheetrock paper, animal feces, fabric, and more.

Queens can live for decades if they have optimal living/climate conditions. Workers and soldiers both live for approximately one to two years.

Wondering How To Get Rid Of Termites?

No other pest causes quite as much damage as termites do. In North America, termite infestations can cause big problems and damage the entire structure of your home or business. Once termites have gotten into your property, they’re very difficult to get rid of. Preventative measures are key in controlling termites and keeping them out of your space.

If you have a residential or commercial termite infestation, you’ll probably know. They are constantly leaving behind indicators. Some things to look out for are dry or moist lines of mud anywhere in your property, but especially in the basement or garage. Warped, spotted, discoloured or striped wood may also be a sign of termites. Knocking on wood and hearing a hollow sound can mean you have termite damage.

Terminix Canada Termite Exterminators Can Help You

Calling our termite exterminators is the best and safest option to rid your home of termites for good.

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