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Terminix Canada has stored product beetle removal you can trust. Our beetle removal gets to the root of infested areas to liberate your space.

Stored Product Beetle Identification

Size: 2 to 4 mm long

Colour: Reddish brown to black.

Description: Confused flour beetles are slender with antennae gradually enlarging towards the tip, ending in a four-segmented club. Red flour beetle antennae become club-like abruptly, and the club has three segments.

Order/Family: Coleoptera/Tenebrionidae.

Scientific Name: Tribolium Confusum (Confused Flour Beetle), Tribolium Castaneum (Red Flour Beetle).

Did You Know?

Almost identical in biology, the red flour beetle can fly but the confused flour beetle cannot.

Stored Product Beetle Biology

Two of the most common stored product beetles in Canada are the confused flour beetle and the red flour beetle. These beetles typically live 2 to 3 years with females producing 300 to 500 eggs. They lay 2 to 3 clear, white, sticky eggs daily in cracks, bags, or the mesh of flour bags. Eggs hatch in 12 days and the larvae undergo 5 to 12 molts, completing their development in around 30 days.

Stored Product Beetle Behaviour, Diet, Habitat and Life Cycle

Confused flour beetles and red flour beetles go crazy for flour! Worldwide, these pests are responsible for contaminating food on a mass-scale. These beetles cannot feed on whole grains but you’ll find them in grain dust, flour, dried fruit, nuts, chocolate, snuff, spices, rodent baits, and drugs. Red flour beetles and confused flour beetles can breed year-round in heated homes and businesses. The confused flour beetle is generally discovered more in northern locations like Canada.

Habitat-wise, stored product beetles are most common in processed grain products. They will use their slender, flattened bodies to gain them access to almost any package. You can tell whether these beetles have infested food products since they develop a grey-like tint post-infestation. This process also prompts the development of mold that only contaminates foodstuffs further. The life cycle from egg to adult for stored product beetles takes between 7 weeks to 3 months. It all depends on temperature, humidity, and the food sources available. Adult stored product beetles can live up to 3 years or longer.

Wondering How To Get Rid Of Flour Beetles?

Need to know how to get rid of flour beetles? Firstly, you should identify and discard infested flour or other stored products. Elsewhere, you should thoroughly vacuum cupboards, cabinets, closets, shelves and pantries where the infestation took place. The aim is to eliminate all flour spills and other food dusts.

Storage areas and infestation sites should also be treated with liquid or dust formulations as another precaution. When you need flour beetle extermination for your residential or commercial property, trust Terminix Canada for the removal solution you need.

Terminix Canada Stored Product Beetle Removal Can Help You

When it comes to residential beetle control or commercial beetle control, the best way to get rid of bed bugs is to hire a Terminix Canada exterminators.

Other Common Beetles In Canada


Carpet Beetle Identification

Size: 2 to 5 mm long

Colour: The back of these insects is spotted with grey-yellow, brown and white scales.

Description: Generally oval in appearance, these beetles are covered with a series of light and dark brown stripes that run across the body.

Order/Family: Coleoptera/Dermestidae.

Scientific Name: Anthrenus Verbasci.

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