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When you need professional rodent pest control, turn to Terminix Canada. We permanently remove rodents so you can maintain a safe and healthy space.

Rodent Biology

Rodents are mammals that all share the trait of continuously growing incisors that grow within their jaws. Resilient species that are discoverable on all continents except Antarctica, the house mouse, Norway rat and squirrel are the most commonly found rodents inhabiting Canadian homes and businesses. With 13 species of mouse and four species of rat found in Canada, rodents cause property damage, spread disease and constantly seek shelter in homes and businesses during the winter.

Did You Know?

Rats expand and contract the blood vessels in their tail in order to regulate their body temperature.

Rodent Behaviour, Diet, Habitat and Life Cycle

One trait that rodents share in common is their innate ability to squeeze through tiny gaps and openings effortlessly. Incredibly cunning and nimble, mice can fit their bodies in small cracks and crevices that are only a pencil width’s wide. This is how they manage to breach poorly constructed homes and businesses.

The house mouse prefers to nest in dark, secluded areas where there is little chance of disturbance. Elsewhere, Norway rats and voles prefer to burrow in the soil. With both species snacking on cereals, house mice and squirrels also enjoy seeds whereas rats feast on meat and fish too. In the main, rodents are strong climbers with rats, a nocturnal species, being good swimmers too.

The average lifespan of rodents varies per species also. For instance, tiny voles live for around three to six months whereas pocket gophers live for under three years on average. All boasting a thirst for destruction, rodents use their continuously growing incisors to bite through cables and wiring in homes and businesses, and their claws to feed and dig with relative ease.

Wondering How To Get Rid Of Rodents?

If you already have rodents living in your home, it’s crucial you call rodent pest control professionals like Terminix Canada to take care of the problem and properly sanitize your space.

Check your space for chew marks, rubbing marks or holes, and small pellet-like droppings. If you see any of these warning signs, you already have a rodent infestation.

Keep your food preparation stations clean and immediately clean up spills or crumbs. Remove food sources such as bird feeders, garbage cans and leftover food. Trim back vegetation so it’s not touching your home’s exterior. Lastly, make sure any cracks, holes, or loose shingles are sealed with caulk or foam.

Terminix Canada Humane Rodent Pest Control Can Help You

When you need professional rodent pest control, turn to Terminix Canada. We permanently remove rodents so you can maintain a safe and healthy space.

Common Rodents In Canada

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