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Our team has the persistence and skill to use different baits to remove your ant infestation for good.

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Terminix Canada has red harvester ant control you can trust. Our trusted, environmentally friendly ant removal team has helped families and business owners wipe out entire colonies for good.

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Red Harvester Ant Identification

Size: 4.5 to 13 mm long.

Colour: Orange to red or brownish black.

Description: This particular ant species is characterised by a fringe of hairs that appear underneath their head – almost like a beard.

Order/Family: Hymenoptera/Formicidae

Scientific Name: Pogonomyrmex Barbatus

Did You Know?

A few harvester ant species clear areas around the entrance holes of their nests up to 30 feet or more in diameter.

Red Harvester Ant Biology

Always popularly referred to as red ants, red harvester ants are typically between 4.5 to 13 mm long. They earn their name from their seed collecting behaviour. Depending on the exact species, red harvester ants are orange to red or brownish black in colour. Differentiating this particular ant from others is also easy since this species has six legs and long hairs on the underside of their heads, appearing like a beard.

Red Harvester Ant Behaviour, Diet, Habitat and Life Cycle

Red harvester ants aggressively defend their nests and have a painful sting too. This sting can lead to anaphylactic reactions in both humans and animals. Mating by swarming, queens and males swarm in late summer with males dying after mating. Areas of bare soil in your yard may suggest this ant species has infested your space.

Red harvester ants gather seeds as their primary food source and clear large circular areas around the entrance holes of their nests. Some harvester ant species construct mounds while others carry excavated soil away from the nest and remove it.

Wondering How To Get Rid Of Red Harvester Ants?

Eliminate your residential or commercial ant infestation with Terminix Canada. When you do it yourself, it’s difficult to locate and provide ant treatment that is effective enough.

Ultimately, removing this ant species is difficult given the large size of colonies plus the fact they can sting. This particular ant species is best controlled by the use of ant baits. Instead of relying on stopgap solutions, trust Terminix Canada’s professionals to get rid of red harvester ants for you.

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Our team has the persistence and skill to use different baits to remove your ant infestation for good.

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