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Pharaoh Ant Identification

Size: 1 to 2 mm long.

Colour: Varies from golden yellow to reddish.

Description: Tiny almost transparent ants with two nodes between their thorax and abdomen.

Order/Family: Hymenoptera/Formicidae

Scientific Name: Monomorium Pharaonis

Did You Know?

Female pharaoh ants produce between 350 to 400 eggs during their lifetime.

Fire Ant Biology

The pharaoh ant is very small relative to the species, measuring from 1 to 2 mm long in size. Worker pharaoh ants are all one size (monomorphic) while this ant species’ colour varies from golden yellow to reddish. Originating in and deriving from the tropics, this means pharaoh ants can’t survive the Canadian climate year-round.

Pharaoh Ant Behaviour, Diet, Habitat and Life Cycle

Pharaoh ants nest in a wide variety of locations within homes and businesses. Due to their tiny size, they are very difficult to target and control. However, it’s always useful to inspect sources of food and water. This particular ant species prefers warm, hard to reach areas such as walls, splashboards of kitchen countertops, and in-wall sockets. Feeding on meats and greases, pharaoh ants are also known to indulge in sugar syrups and jellies.

Female pharaoh ants mate and procreate in nests, and “budding” is responsible for new colonies. Budding is when part of the main colony migrates to a new location, meaning there can be up to hundreds of thousands of ants in one widespread colony. Worker pharaoh ants have a lifespan of nine to ten weeks, while queens live for four to twelve months.

Wondering How To Get Rid Of Pharaoh Ants?

Eliminate your residential or commercial pharaoh ant infestation with Terminix Canada. When you do it yourself, it’s difficult to locate and provide pharaoh ants treatment that is effective enough.

Ultimately, pharaoh ants must be treated by using protein and sugar baits that are placed as close as possible to the nesting areas. Above all, it is very important not to use any insecticide sprays or dusts, as this will stress the colony. When this occurs, pharaoh ant colonies split and spread, making the problem much more difficult to contain.

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Our pharaoh ants control is the best and safest way to rid your home of pesky pharaoh ants for good.

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