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Our oriental cockroach control is the best and safest way to rid your home of pesky cockroaches for good.

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Oriental Cockroach Identification

Size: 25 to 32 mm long.

Colour: Shiny black to dark reddish.

Description: Oriental cockroaches are large, oval-shaped, have six legs, two antennae, and possess a shiny black to dark reddish body.

Order/Family: Blattodea/Blattidae.

Scientific Name: Blatta orientalis.

Did You Know?

Oriental cockroaches rarely bite but they do in extreme large infestations when food is depleted.

Oriental Cockroach Biology

Adult oriental cockroaches grow up to 32 mm long and are shiny black to reddish brown in colour. One of the largest home infesting cockroach species, these roaches are thought to derive from Africa, not the Far East. Female oriental cockroaches lay roughly 16 eggs at a time, producing around eight ootheca (egg cases) during their lifespan. This results in around 128 offspring with an average incubation period of 60 days.

Oriental Cockroach Behaviour, Diet, Habitat and Life Cycle

Mainly an outdoor species, oriental cockroaches invade homes and businesses through gaps in doorways. They prefer to live in areas where the temperature sits somewhere between 68-84°F. Any temperature below 59°F means that this cockroach species is unable to produce egg cases to foster their young, Oriental cockroaches complete seven to 10 instars with this development process lasting around 589 days. The female oriental cockroach has an estimated adult lifespan of 180 days while for males; it’s roughly 160 days.

Starting life outdoors beneath rotting wood and mulch, this cockroach invades homes and businesses in search of warm and moist harbourage, water and food. You’ll find this cockroach within pipes, sewers and drains as well as beneath kitchen appliances and washing machines. Diet-wise, oriental cockroaches feed on decaying matter but they won’t travel far within your property without a reliable water source.

Wondering How To Get Rid Of Oriental Cockroaches?

Eliminate your residential or commercial oriental cockroach infestation with Terminix Canada. Remember, an effective cockroach removal program depends on diligent sanitation to eliminate excess food, water, and harbourage areas.

The use of gel baits and dust are the most effective means of cockroach control. Glue traps are helpful, but are seen more as monitoring devices than a control tactic. A thorough vacuuming of harbourage areas is also beneficial in neutralizing cockroach populations by destroying cockroach eggs.

Ultimately, this cockroach species lays eggs aggressively and requires a steadfast treatment to get rid of them. Our team of professionals know which cockroach tactics to deploy so troublesome cockroach infestations can be tackled swiftly and effectively.

Terminix Canada Oriental Cockroach Control Can Help You

Our cockroach control is the best and safest way to rid your home of pesky cockroaches for good.

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