Our common house spider removal service is the best and safest way to rid your home or business of spiders for good.

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Common House Spider Identification

Size: 5 to 8 mm long (female body), 3.8 to 4.7 mm long (male body).

Colour: Brown, orange, black or grey in colour.

Description: With variations per exact species, males have orange coloured legs and females have more yellow coloured legs. Each have an off-white coloured abdomen.

Order/Family: Araneae/Theridiidae.

Scientific Name: Parasteatoda tepidariorum.

Did You Know?

The house spider is the most commonly found species of spider worldwide.

Common House Spider Biology

Firstly, adult house spiders can live for over one year. Males seek out a female mate by plucking at her web until she responds. Over her lifetime, a female house spider produces up to 17 egg sacs, each carrying between 100 to 400 eggs. The eggs are wrapped in a silk sac and hung in the female’s web until they hatch and the nursery web spiders disperse.

Common House Spider Behaviour, Diet, Habitat and Life Cycle

Also known as the American house spider, house spiders are commonly discovered throughout Canada, the neighbouring United States and beyond. Their bodies can grow to 8 mm for females and 4.7 mm for males with a leg span of up to 2.5 cm or one inch. Canadian house spiders are typically brown, orange, black or grey in colour with patterns that make them appear spotted. This spider may bite if it feels threatened but it’s very unlikely.

Living for around one year on average, house spiders build their webs in secluded areas of homes and businesses. You’ll find Canada house spiders inhabiting corners of rooms, areas beneath furniture, window corners, and other warm spaces. Both male and female house spiders share a web for long periods of time and several other females will construct their webs in close proximity. On the rare occasion where two females cross paths, they fight it out to the death. Additionally, house spiders eat other household pests including ants, flies, mosquitoes and wasps.

Wondering How To Get Rid Of Common House Spiders?

Are you questioning how to get rid of house spiders? It is recommended that home and business owners get rid of spiders by clearing away their webs and egg sacs with a vacuum or broom.

Limiting this spiders’ food source is also an effective way to make your home or business an undesirable habitat. Elsewhere, you can seal cracks around windows and doors, fix any screens that have rips or holes, and plug any other entry points. Strong scents, such as essential oils, have also been proven to deter spiders. If you still aren’t sure how to get rid of spiders, contact Terminix Canada today. We specialize in  residential and commercial house spider control.

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Our spider removal service is the best and safest way to rid your home or business of spiders for good.

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