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When you need professional drain fly control, Terminix Canada is the company you can trust.

Drain Flies In Canada

Size: 1.5 to 5 mm long.

Colour: Adult drain flies have a dark grey body and lighter-coloured wings.

Description: Possessing fine hairs on their bodies and wings, drain flies have a fuzzy, moth-like appearance. Hence why they’re often called moth flies.

Order/Family: Diptera/Psychodidae.

Scientific Name: Psychoda spp.

Did You Know?

Drain flies are weak flyers that make short hopping flights of a few feet when they are disturbed.

Drain Fly Biology

Between 1.5 and 5 mm long, drain flies develop via metamorphosis. Laying between 30 to 100 eggs in places like garbage disposal areas and plumbing fixtures, drain fly eggs hatch in under 48 hours. Drain flies are attracted to decomposed organic materials with drain fly larvae about one-quarter of an inch long with skinny bodies and no legs. The larval stage takes approximately nine to 15 days before pupating begins.

Drain Fly Behaviour, Diet, Habitat and Life Cycle

This fly species is most active at night and they rest on surfaces with their wings held over their back like a roof. Weak flyers by nature, drain flies are usually discovered close to their breeding ground. Living and breeding in moist areas with a buildup of organic debris, drain flies inhabit sinks, bathtubs, shower drains, lesser-used toilets, basement floor drains, refrigerator drain pans, and loose ceramic tiles where water collects. Outside homes and businesses, drain fly control is often required in or near air conditioner drains, faulty septic lines, areas where rain collects, and areas where algae or mold grows on soil or a foundation.

Feeding on sewage and other decomposing matter, drain fly larvae has also been known to feed on each other. Holometabolous insects that go through egg, larval, pupal and adult life stages, a drain fly will complete its life cycle in around 21 to 27 days.

Wondering How To Get Rid Of Drain Flies?

The best way to get rid of drain flies is to contact Terminix Canada. Our residential and commercial fly control gets the results you need.

If you want to try homemade remedies first, traps can be made to locate infested drains. Firstly, coat the inside of a cup or jar with petroleum jelly or vegetable oil. After that, place the jar over a drain opening upside-down. When this tactic works, drain flies will stick to the inside of the jar when they exit the drain. It is recommended that drain fly traps are deployed for 24 hours before checking for adult drain fly capture.

Elsewhere, you can prevent drain fly infestations by regularly cleaning toilets, sinks and drain pipes with a stiff wire brush. Drain flies love slimy organic debris so ensure you use industrial drain cleaners to deter this species. Septic systems should be cleaned with approved septic treatment too. Lastly, make sure you never pour insecticide down your drain. Residentially speaking, pesticides are an unnecessary form of drain fly control. Instead, thorough drain cleaning is a much more effective means of drain fly removal.

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Our professional fly control is the best and most effective way to rid your home or business of flies for good.

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