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Our clover mites removal service is the best and safest way to rid your home or business of nuisance clover mites for good.

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When you need professional clover mites removal, turn to Terminix Canada. We permanently get rid of clover mites so you can avoid unsightly red staining on carpets, rugs, and wallpaper.

Clover Mite Identification

Size: Up to 0.25 mm long.

Colour: Reddish, reddish-brown, olive, pale orange, or even greenish-brown.

Description: Oval shaped arachnids with a pair of long legs pointing forward. These are often mistaken for antennae.

Order/Family: Trombidiformes/Tetranychidae.

Scientific Name: Bryobia praetiosa.

Did You Know?

When clover mites are indoors, they die of dehydration within a few days.

Clover Mite Biology

Clover mites are tiny insects that are around the size of a pinhead. They rarely exceed 0.25 mm in length. Typically reddish in colour, clover mites may also appear reddish-brown, olive, and pale orange. Some appear greenish-brown immediately after feeding.

Clover mites’ most distinguishing characteristic is their long front legs that are often mistaken for antennae. Reproducing without being fertilized by males, female clover mites lay up to 70 eggs with adults maturing in around 30 days.

Clover Mite Behaviour, Diet, Habitat and Life Cycle

Clover mites have become a greater concern due to suburban sprawl and the increasing use of fertilizers. Habitat-wise, clover mites live in and travel on grassy lawns. They enter homes and businesses by taking advantage of the grass in contact with exterior walls.

While clover mites aren’t particularly dangerous to the health of humans or the structural integrity of buildings, they do invade homes and businesses in very large numbers making them a serious nuisance.

Clover mites won’t bite or destroy furniture but they do feed on human food, spread disease, and are harmful to beloved pets. In fall, clover mites lay their eggs in concealed spaces such as foundation walls, loose tree bark, window frames and areas beneath sidings.

Wondering How To Get Rid Of Clover Mites?

You can prevent clover mite infestations by trimming back all of the vegetation around homes and businesses. You should leave a 45 to 60 cm perimeter of soil to stop them gaining entry to your property.

If it’s too late and a clover mite infestation has already taken place, an effective way to get rid of them is by vacuuming. However, when you attempt to remove clover mites, take care not to crush them. This helps avoid unsightly red staining.

Nevertheless, your best bet for residential and commercial clover mites removal is Terminix Canada. We can apply various clover mite treatments to lawns and your property to remove and prevent the reappearance of clover mites.

Terminix Canada Clover Mites Removal Can Help You

Our clover mites removal service is the best and safest way to rid your home or business of nuisance clover mites for good.

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