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Our moth control service is the best and safest way to rid your home or business of irritating moths for good.

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Terminix Canada has clothes moth control you can trust. Our moth control gets to the root of infested areas to liberate your space.

Clothes Moth Identification

Size: Adult clothes moths are approximately 3/8 to 1/2-inch-long from wingtip to wingtip. The larvae are small caterpillars, 3/8-inch-long in size, living within a portable, silken case.

Colour: The wings and body are golden with a brown tinge and the front wings have three dark spots. However, these distinguishing characteristics are often rubbed off, making them not ideal for house moth identification. The larvae have dark head capsules and the first thoracic segment is dark brown or black.

Order/Family: Lepidoptera/Tineidae.

Scientific Name: Tinea Pellionella.

Did You Know?

The female adult clothes moth lives for approximately 30 days and lays up to 300 eggs in that time.

Clothes Moth Biology

Female clothes moths begin laying eggs (37 to 48) singly on larval food the day after emerging as an adult. The larvae feed for about 33 to 90 days, and moths 5 to 11 times.

The insect then pupates within the silken larval case. Development time from egg to adult requires 46 to 116 days. Adults may lay eggs year-round in northern areas but have only one generation per year.

Clothes Moth Behaviour, Diet, Habitat and Life Cycle

Clothes moths prefer products of animal origin, secondarily feeding on products of plant origin. They’re volatile pests that target woollens, rugs, feathers, felts, skins, drugs, furs, and stored tobacco.

Case-making clothes moths shun light. Although the males are active fliers, the females fly only short distances.

It’s not actually the adults that do the damage to your clothes, but instead their larvae. They lay their eggs on fabrics in your closet, so the larvae can eat as soon as they hatch. They really like clothing with sweat or stains on it, as it ensures the larvae can get the vitamins they need. These moths don’t actually drink water, so they rely on damn or humid areas, as they need to get their water in the clothing they eat. These moths can’t actually drink water, so they need their water consumption to come from damn or humid clothing.

Wondering How To Get Rid Of Clothes Moths?

Need to know how to get rid of clothes moths? The key to controlling this pest is through thorough inspection and identification of infested materials. Infested rugs, carpets and furniture should be cleaned thoroughly and protected with a residual insecticide application. When moths are found in clothes, larvae are easily removed from infested clothing by cleaning and laundering. You can contact Terminix Canada to learn more about how to get rid of clothes moths.

Terminix Canada Clothes Moth Control Can Help You

Our moth control service is the best and safest way to rid your home or business of irritating moths for good.

Other Common Moths In Canada

Indian Meal Moth Identification

Size: Indian meal moth adults have a 5/8″ to 3/4″ wingspan.

Colour: The wings are a copper-brownish hue with a grey band close to where the wings attach to the body. The larvae are about 1/2″ long and dirty white in colour. The head is a reddish-brown colour that is the key to house moth identification with this strain.

Order/Family: Lepidoptera/Pyralidae.

Scientific Name: Plodia Interpunctella.

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