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Carpet Beetle Identification

Size: 2 to 5 mm long

Colour: The back of these insects is spotted with grey-yellow, brown and white scales.

Description: Generally oval in appearance, these beetles are covered with a series of light and dark brown stripes that run across the body.

Order/Family: Coleoptera/Dermestidae.

Scientific Name: Anthrenus Verbasci.

Did You Know?

Carpet beetles are actually good fliers and enter properties through cracks, doors, and windows.

Carpet Beetle Biology

Adult carpet beetles are around 2 to 5 mm long and are generally oval in appearance. Female carpet beetles lay around 40 eggs in their lifetime with the eggs hatching in 10 to 20 days. Carpet beetle larvae are 3/6 to 1/4 inches long and wider at the end of the body than at the head. The larvae develop in 222 to 323 days, remaining as pupae for just 10 to 13 days. They have three dense tufts or bristles at the rear end.

Carpet Beetle Behaviour, Diet, Habitat and Life Cycle

Also referred to as fabric pests, carpet beetles aren’t considered dangerous to humans. However, that doesn’t make them less annoying! After all, this beetle is capable of structural damage to your home or business. Carpet beetle larvae seek out natural fibres to eat. Common feasts include carpets, cashmere, dead skin, feathers, furs, leather bookbinding, stuffed animals, and woollens. As for adults, they regularly feed on nectars and pollens. You can tell whether a carpet beetle infestation has taken place in your property by assessing patterns of damage. Typically, carpet beetles eat holes in larger contiguous areas of fibres.

Habitat-wise, carpet beetles seek out locations that offer optimum access to natural fibres and animal hair. In your home, this pest typically hides out in places like closets whereas warehouses are a common commercial hideout too. Ultimately, you’ll discover carpet beetles below rugs and carpeting or places where discarded human or pet hair gathers. With one generation of carpet beetles per year, adults live between 14 and 44 days.

Wondering How To Get Rid Of Carpet Beetles?

Need to know how to get rid of carpet beetles? The initial step in battling a beetle infestation is correct identification of the pest. After this, a thorough investigation from a beetle exterminator like Terminix Canada will target the infestation source. You should discard infested food and brush or clean carpets, rugs and clothing.

Application of a residual insecticide in cracks, crevices and the immediate areas around the infestation may be necessary depending on severity. Carpet beetle control can also be accomplished through frequent vacuuming and secure storage of fabrics, silks, and wool.

Terminix Canada Beetle Control Can Help You

When it comes to residential beetle control or commercial beetle control, the best way to get rid of bed bugs is to hire a Terminix Canada exterminators.

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Stored Product Beetle Identification

Size: 2 to 4 mm long

Colour: Reddish brown to black.

Description: Confused flour beetles are slender with antennae gradually enlarging towards the tip, ending in a four-segmented club. Red flour beetle antennae become club-like abruptly, and the club has three segments.

Order/Family: Coleoptera/Tenebrionidae.

Scientific Name: Tribolium Confusum (Confused Flour Beetle), Tribolium Castaneum (Red Flour Beetle).

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