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Blow / Bottle Flies In Canada

Size: 6 to 16 mm long.

Colour: Shiny, metallic blue, green or copper, depending on the species.

Description: Bottle flies have hairy backs and their larvae are maggots.

Order/Family: Diptera/Calliphoridae.

Scientific Name: Phormia regina (Meigen) / Phaenicia (Meigen) / Calliphora spp.

Did You Know?

The maggots of blow flies / bottle flies may be used by forensic entomologists to place the time of death in murder cases.

Bottle / Blow Fly Biolog

Also known as blow flies, bottle flies range in size from 6 to 16 mm long. The black blow fly is black with a bluish-green luster. Elsewhere, the green bottle fly is a metallic blue-green and the blue bottle fly is a metallic blue. Depending on the specific type of blow fly, females lay from 540 to 2,373 eggs in their lifetime. Eggs are laid in batches of 100 to 180 on meat and fish predominantly. This is in addition to animal manure, garbage, and rotting vegetable matter. The eggs are ready to hatch in less than a day, making their cycle continuous and rapid.

Blow / Bottle Fly Behaviour, Diet, Habitat and Life Cycle

Blow flies / bottle flies are important scavengers in nature as they are one of the first insects to reach a dead animal. They are frequently found evolving in the decaying bodies of rodents and other deceased animals, which are likely sources of a blow fly infestation. These flies are part of the decomposition process that recycles nutrients back into the soil. Blow flies / bottle flies also breed in garbage containers, dumpsters and decaying vegetative matter like compost piles. Some species are strong fliers and are all attracted to bright light. An adult bottle fly’s diet consists of fresh or decaying meat and animal carcasses.

Wondering How To Get Rid Of Blow / Bottle Flies?

The best way to get rid of blow flies / bottle flies is to contact Terminix Canada. Our residential and commercial fly control gets the results you need.

Ultimately, sanitation is the most important step in fighting a bottle fly infestation. This is because it eradicates the breeding sites. Home and business owners should ensure that all garbage is carefully emptied, and that receptacles are cleaned weekly to disrupt the developmental cycle. Fly and sticky traps are beneficial in fighting a blow fly infestation by decreasing the adult fly activity, both indoors and out.

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Our professional fly control is the best and most effective way to rid your home or business of flies for good.

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