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When you need professional bat removal, turn to Terminix Canada. We permanently rid your home of bats, so you can maintain a safe and healthy space.

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Bat Identification

Size: 6 to 10 cm long, wingspan of up to 27 cm.

Colour: Varies from reddish-brown to dark brown.

Description: Small furry mammals with long thin wings and large ears.

Order/Family: Chiroptera.

Scientific Name: Desmodus rotundus (Common vampire bat).

Did You Know?

The Mexican free-tailed bat is the fastest flying animal in horizontal flight.

Bat Biology

Bats are warm-blooded mammals and the only such species naturally capable of true and sustained flight. They’re the second largest order of mammals on the planet after rodents, comprising 20% of all classified mammal species worldwide.

The smallest bats can be as tiny as 6 cm long with the largest species comprising wingspans up to a daunting 27 cm. Elsewhere, bats play a significant role in ecology too. They pollinate flowers and disperse fruit seeds with some plants depending entirely on bats for seed distribution. Bats also consume insect pests, reducing the need for pesticides.

Bat Behaviour, Diet, Habitat and Life Cycle

Outdoors, bats inhabit open grasslands and marshes where they can forage for insects. Indoors, they prefer dark and dry spaces and are often found in attics, basements and chimneys. Hanging from ceilings to rest in the day, bats can squeeze through narrow spaces effortlessly. Eating beetles, moths, mosquitoes and more, bats are one of the few mammals known to feed on blood.

Bats possess the unique ability to see through echolocation, in which they emit high-frequency sounds to analyze the location of objects based on bouncing sound waves.

Mating in late summer and early fall, baby bats are born in spring. Lastly, bats tend to live longer lives, up to 10, 20 and even 30 years, since bats’ night-time activity ensures they avoid most predators.

Wondering How To Get Rid Of Bats?

Bat proofing or bat removal should be approached with extreme caution since these mammals may carry the rabies virus. Among reported cases of rabies in wildlife, bats, skunks, foxes, and raccoons are the most common.

If you have bats in the attic, you should perform a full inspection of your building. This helps determine the area where bats entered your property that you can seal after residential or commercial bat removal takes place. The best way to get bats out of the attic is exclusion.

It’s important that you do not try to trap them. Let them fly out of your home naturally rather than forcing them out through capturing and trapping. Bats will need water and insects eventually so excluding them is the safest option for both homeowner and pest.

Terminix Canada Bat Removal Specialists Can Help You

When it comes to residential bat control or commercial bat control, the best way to get rid of bed bugs is to hire a Terminix Canada exterminators. Need help removing bats from the house? Our humane bat removal service is the best and safest way to rid your home of bats for good.

Frequently Asked Bat Control And Bat Exclusion Questions

Homeowners should approach bat proofing and bat removal with extreme caution. This is because bats carry the rabies virus. Among reported cases of rabies in wildlife, bats are the most common. If you have bats in the attic or the walls, you should know bats are highly territorial with excellent homing abilities. This makes them a particularly difficult intruder to get rid of.

Don’t take on bat removal yourself. Save yourself the struggle and leave it to our team of bat control professionals. Terminix Canada technicians understand that bat exclusion, not bat trapping, is the best way to successfully remove bats from your property. Our humane bat removal service is the best and safest way to rid your home of bats for good.

Both little and big brown bats are active for the majority of the year. The latter species is active year-round whereas the former species is active every month besides December, January and February. 

Bats aren’t usually dangerous but this doesn’t mean they can’t be. Ultimately, bats are associated with diseases including rabies. Additionally, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have previously confirmed that bat droppings, called “guano”, can contaminate soil with a fungus that causes histoplasmosis. These are just some of the main reasons why you don’t want bats in house. 

Have you noticed bats flying in, out or around your home? They can enter your space through chimneys, structural deficiencies, windows, and doors. Once indoors, they primarily live in attics and interior walls that have pipes, wires and ducts. Serving as pathways to manoeuvre around homes unseen, bats prefer dark spaces with consistent temperatures and are commonly found in basements too. Most of the time, bats enter homes by accident.

Capable of moving from one room to the next, bats leave scent trails for other bats to follow. In other words, bat infestations can quickly worsen. Early intervention is key so contact us today.

Bat exclusion, not bat trapping, is the most effective way to get rid of bats. If you’re wondering how to deter bats, bat proofing your house is the best way to keep bats out long-term. Terminix Canada’s humane bat removal service utilizes tried and tested techniques with lasting results.

Depending on the nature of your bat infestation, we may use bat valves that allow bats to leave while not re-entering your space. Our bat removal technicians also sanitize affected areas, replacing attic insulation if necessary. Elsewhere, we perform routine inspections and maintenance annually to ensure you’re suffering no future problems.

If you’re wondering how to get rid of bats in attic or how to get bats out of attic, it means you already have a bad bat infestation and you need bat exclusion now. Bat droppings, called “guano”, can contaminate your living area with a fungus that causes histoplasmosis, which can be fatal if not treated.

Not only do you have to get rid of bats in attic, but you have to figure out how they got in in the first place, so you can seal up entry points and stop them from returning. Once you’ve been successful in removing bats from attic, you have to make sure to properly and safely clean up any waste left behind by the bats. This is a huge job, that isn’t safe to do unless you have proper ventilation and protection, so it’s a job best left to the experts. If you’re wondering how to get rid of bats in attic, it’s time to call in the professionals to take care of the problem.

Wondering how to get rid of bats? Or need help removing bats from the house? Ultimately, you need a professional bat pest control team to provide proper bat pest control. It’s not just a matter of getting rid of bats in attic or in your home, but you have to figure out how the bats got in there in the first place. Once you’ve sealed up the cracks bats have used to enter your home, you need to deal with the huge mess left behind in a safe manner.

This is a massive job, and it’s crucial the job is done both effectively and safely to prevent health issues to people living in the home as well as those cleaning up the mess. That’s why it’s a job best left to bat pest control experts. Terminix Canada has over 90 years of experience safely, affordable and effectively performing bat exclusion in homes across Canada.

If you’re wondering how to get rid of a bat in the house or how to get rid of bats in your house, you have an emergency wildlife removal on your hands. We understand that emergency wildlife removal has a much higher sense of urgency. That’s why we’ll work with you to promptly take care of your issue and humanely remove wildlife from your home in a quick and efficient manner. If you ever find yourself frantically wondering how to get a bat out of your house, give Terminix Canada a call immediately. We can help with your emergency animal control needs.

If you’re wondering how to get rid of bats outside your house or how to keep bats away, you need to explore your property and see if there are steps you can take to deter bats from hanging around your home.

  1. Fill up any holes or cracks outside of your home, your garage, or anywhere else you can spot. Bats like to hang out in dark caves during the day, so if you have spots they can nest, you could have a bat infestation problem.
  2. Look into bat sprays or natural bat repellants. Many of them contain peppermint and spearmint, which is disliked by bats and many other pests. By spraying these deterrents around entry points of your home, hollowing spaces or cracks and other possible resting spots, you should be able to keep bats away from your property.
  3. Remove food sources from your property, such as insects, fruits and water sources.
  4. Use bat nets to keep bats from entering or re-entering your home. Bat nets can be used over any holes or cracks bats would use to nest in.

If you want to stop wondering how to get rid of bats outside your house, give Terminix Canada a call today. We can help.

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