Our ant control is the best and safest way to rid your home of pesky ants for good.

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When you need professional ant exterminators, turn to Terminix Canada. We permanently remove ants so you can maintain a safe and healthy space.

Ant Biology

Ants are small social insects that are part of the family Formicidae. According to National Geographic, there are more than 10,000 known ant species around the world. The majority of ant colonies construct their nests in the soil and live in huge groups of hundreds of thousands. The largest ant colony ever recorded in the world was an Argentine ant super colony that stretched more than 6,000 kilometers in the Mediterranean region. Ant colonies are characterized by three groups of ant – queens, drones, and workers.

Did You Know?

Depending on the particular species, ants can lift 10 to 50 times their own bodyweight.

Ant Behaviour, Diet, Habitat and Life Cycle

Firstly, ants are notoriously difficult to remove once they’ve established a colony. Identifying the particular ant species is key to better understanding the ant problem you’re dealing with. The most destructive Canadian ant species is the carpenter ant. Nesting in wood, this species can cause structural damage to your home in extreme cases. Elsewhere, the tiniest species of ants, pharaoh ants, construct their nests in areas of homes and businesses like walls, cabinets and refrigerators. Additionally, species like the red harvester ant excavate bare areas of soil in yards.

In short, all ant species are constantly on the lookout for food. Protein and sugar-based baits are common DIY methods of ant control since sugary, meaty and greasy foodstuffs are what ants love most. It’s imperative to practice regular sanitation inside your home or business to deter these tiny invaders.

Most ant species construct their nests in the soil but this can vary. For instance, given their love of wood, the carpenter ant actually nests within wood. While not consuming wood, this species does excavate decaying wood for a living space. Worker ants are the ones that go searching for food inside properties, carrying their findings back to the wider colony. It’s queen ants’ job to lay tiny eggs that hatch into larvae after a period of around one to two weeks. When they construct new nests, queens can continue laying new eggs for many years. The lifespan of ants varies depending on the species but carpenter ant colonies typically live for around 3 to 6 years.

Wondering How To Get Rid Of Ants?

Wondering how to get rid of ants in the house? Maybe you want to know how to kill ants on your business premises? Firstly, you should know there are many ant prevention methods out there. Things you can do everyday to deter ants include keeping home surfaces clean, storing food in sealed containers, and sealing cracks and gaps in your foundation.

But remember, for a more permanent ant control solution, you should call Terminix Canada. Not only are our ant baits, ant traps and gel-based ant pesticides safe, they are proven ant killers. Our professional ant exterminators will see your ant infestation crawl away for good.

Terminix Canada Ant Exterminators Can Help You

Ants are a common source of problems for home and business owners when they create nests in unwanted places. Our ant control is the best and safest way to rid your home of pesky ants for good.

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