Our skunk control team use humane techniques to remove them for good. Sanitation, prevention and exclusion will fix your problem.

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Our Skunk Control Specialists Are Here to Help

When you need professional skunk control, Terminix Canada is here to help. Skunks need no introduction. If you can smell skunk, then you might have a skunk problem that requires our skunk control specialists. Skunks’ infamous spray liquid causes noses everywhere to scrunch up in fear of that potent, unpleasant odour.

The best way to get rid of skunks is to contact a certified pest control company that can humanely remove them from your property. Terminix Canada has a team of skunk control experts that will not only remove the skunks humanely, but they’ll remove the scent of them from your premises and work with you to implement systems and defences to prevent them from coming back.

Skunks In Canada


Size: 50 cm to 80 cm.

Colour: Black and white.

Behaviour: Skunks have elongated bodies with short, strong legs. Skunks like to live in open areas of mixed forests but can be found in cities all over Canada. They live solitary lives and prefer darkness, often coming out at night. They have excellent senses of smell and hearing, but very bad eyesight. So bad that they can’t see anything more than three metres away, so sneaking up on skunks can startle them and cause them to spray you.


Frequently Asked Questions

Skunks are active year-round, from January to December. It’s very common to stumble upon an abandoned skunk den in late February.

When a skunk is startled or feels cornered, they release a very potent mix of sulphurous chemicals from their anal scent glands as their defensive weapon. If a skunk sprays you, your customers or your employees, removing the scent from the area and off of the body can be very difficult and may cause skin irritation and blindness. Baby skunks are able to spray from as young as a week old. That’s why professional skunk control is so important and helps safeguard your businesses’ reputation.

Skunks also eat garden fruit and vegetables, can make a mess of your garbage and dig up grass and lawns in search of insects to eat. Skunks can also carry rabies.

Skunks exist in many urban areas, making their homes near humans. They feed off trash bins, compost, and gardens. They eat almost anything, which makes living near humans very beneficial for them.

Preventative skunk control includes securing trashcans and securing entryways into your business. The same methods used to prevent raccoons and opossums from entering your business are the same methods you should use for skunks. However, unlike these other pests, skunks are poor climbers, so you don’t need to be concerned about them making high up spaces their home. The main concern is preventing them from building dens at ground level.

How Terminix Canada Skunk Control Works

Skunk Inspection

On your initial service, we’ll hunt high and low for skunks and their hiding spots, documenting our findings in a comprehensive inspection.

Skunk Defence

After inspecting and investigating your skunk problem, Terminix Canada devises a unique removal plan that includes permanent humane wildlife solutions to prevent skunks returning. Our trained staff humanely trap, remove, and effectively sanitize problem areas to make sure skunk mess is cleaned up.

Skunk Monitoring

If skunks come back to your business, so will we. Our custom skunk control techniques adapt with the seasons to address seasonal wildlife activity in your area.

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