Rodent removal is best left to Terminix Canada. Living in dark and warm spaces in your building, mice and rats are notoriously difficult to remove on your own.

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Rodent removal is imperative when you’re tired of constantly hearing skittering, scratching or gnawing in your business. Whether you are looking to get rid of mice in walls or remove unsightly mice from your business, Terminix Canada can help. Once a rodent has made your space their home, it’s important you call our mice control and rat removal specialists. If you’re wondering how to get rid of a mouse or pack of rats, look no further. Terminix Canada will take care of the problem before you end up with an entire rodent infestation.

Common Rodents In Canada

House Mouse

Size: 150 to 170 mm long.

Colour: Brown or grey.

Behaviour: House mice have oversized ears, small bodies and long tails that are normally double the length of their body. They live in environments that allow for total hiding, such as underbrush, doghouses, sheds, barns, or in dark corners and spaces in buildings like in vents or walls. House mice have litters of 5 to 6 babies and may produce up to a dozen litters in a year. This is why humane mice removal is so important. Their newborns reach maturity after about a month for females and 2 months for males.


Norway Rat

Size: 40 to 50 cm long.

Colour: Dark grey or brown.

Behaviour: Norway rats have small eyes and ears, a blunt and slanted snout with coarse fur, long tails and a heavy body. They enjoy damp environments and are strong swimmers. Rats are nocturnal creatures that enjoy burrowing underground and can even swim through drainpipes.


Pocket Gophers

Size: Up to 15 cm in length.

Colour: Grey to brown fur.

Behaviour: Pocket gophers are burrowing rodents who are known for their extensive tunnelling abilities. They can destroy a farm or garden and have teeth that protrude from their mouths that are usually yellow or brown.



Size: 10 to 70 cm long.

Colour: Brown, grey, black or red fur.

Behaviour: Squirrels have slender bodies with large bushy tails and often stand on their back legs when they’re not running or climbing. Canada is home to 22 different breeds of squirrels. Some breeds are ground-dwelling and some live in trees. Some squirrels hibernate through the winter and other breeds are active year-round.



Size: 11 to 15 cm long.

Colour: Brown to grey fur.

Behaviour: Voles are tiny rodents that look similar to hamsters. Vole populations can grow very large in a small period of time, with the females having five to ten litters per year and the babies reaching maturity in a month. Similar to mice and rats, voles will eat almost anything they can get their hands on, feeding on small plants, dead animals, nuts and fruit.


Frequently Asked Questions

Mice and rats are active year-round. Squirrels are especially active during spring and fall whereas voles are most active during the cold winter months. Pocket gophers are most active in the spring and fall.

Besides many people finding rodents gross and giving them sleepless nights, rodents pose serious health risks to you, your customers and your employees. One mouse is capable of leaving 9,000 highly toxic dropping in a single calendar year! Therefore, humane mice removal is imperative to uphold your businesses’ public image.

Mice and rats can also transmit Hantavirus, which is a rare respiratory disease that can be fatal in humans, with no known cure. They contaminate food and surfaces with their feces, urine and saliva. They can introduce fleas, lice, or ticks into your business that can spread to humans.

Mice can also transmit diseases such as tularemia, lymphocytic choriomeningitis, and murine typhus. Rats can transmit the bubonic plague, Weil’s disease, toxoplasmosis and trichinosis.

Rodent infestations can also cause bad structural damage to your premises. Rodents burrow through walls, chew through electrical wiring and destroy furniture. Hiring our humane rodent removal team is the best way to get rid of mice and rats.

Rodents find dark and warm spaces to live as they have many predators and not a lot of ways to defend themselves. They often enter homes looking for food, warmth and water. During the warmer, summer months, you’re less likely to get caught with an infestation, but in the fall months rodents will seek refuge in homes to wait out the winter. No matter what time of the year it is, if you find yourself wondering how to get rid of a mouse or rat, it’s time to give Terminix Canada a call.

Rodents can sneak through the smallest of spaces, holes or cracks. They can sneak in as easily as walking through an open door or gaining entry through rain gutters. If you have a crack or space in your structure that’s any bigger than 1.75 cm wide, you may be susceptible to a rodent infestation.  

If you’re wondering how to get rid of a mouse, look no further. Since you already have rodents living in your business, it’s crucial you call a rodent removal specialist such as Terminix Canada to take care of the problem and properly sanitize your space. 

Check your space for chew marks, rubbing marks or holes, and small pellet-like droppings. If you see any of these warning signs, you already have a rodent infestation.

Keep your food preparation stations clean and immediately clean up spills or crumbs. Remove food sources such as bird feeders, garbage cans and leftover food. Trim back vegetation so it’s not touching your building’s exterior. Lastly, make sure any cracks, holes, or loose shingles are sealed with caulk or foam. The best way to get rid of mice, rats and other rodents is Terminix Canada.

If you’re wondering how to get rid of mice in walls and ceilings, there is some good news. You won’t have to destroy your walls or ceilings. The same treatment for regular mice infestations works for getting rid of mice in walls and ceilings. Eventually those mice will come out of the walls and ceilings in search of food. You can even use food baits to lure them out. This is when effective mice control should take place.

By calling a humane mice removal company like Terminix Canada, you can ensure your mouse problem is taken care of and your business is properly sanitized afterwards. Rest assured, our mice removal gets results. After a visit from our team, you’ll no longer be wondering how to get rid of mice in walls and ceilings.

How Terminix Canada Rodent Removal, Mice Control And Rat Removal Works

Rodent Inspection

On your initial service, we’ll hunt high and low for rodents, documenting our findings in a comprehensive inspection.

Rodent Defence

After inspecting and investigating your rodent problem, Terminix Canada devises a unique removal plan that includes long-term rodent solutions to prevent rodents returning.

Rodent Monitoring

If rodents come back to your business, so will we. Our custom rodent control techniques adapt with the seasons to address seasonal rodent activity in your area.

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