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Pest birds create unique challenges for business owners. For those in charge of industrial settling ponds and oil ponds, our industrial pond netting can help. 

Bothered By Birds? Our Industrial Pond Netting Helps

Industrial pond netting is a must for those in charge of industrial settling ponds, frac tanks and oil ponds. Ultimately, migratory birds like ducks, geese and swans wreak havoc in industrial settings. Carrying disease and parasites onto your commercial property, they shed feather and leave droppings in unwelcome places too. With no barriers to their movements in the sky, birds cause business owners a lot of stress. But that’s where Terminix Canada’s solution helps.

Why You Need This Terminix Canada Service

Our solution prevents birds from entering industrial facilities. This physical barrier is humane and blocks birds from intruding into prohibited areas. Additionally, it is practically invisible and maintenance-free for quick and effective results.



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    Defend Your Business
    From Flying Threats

    Backed by over 90 years of pest control experience, we’re confident in our abilities to halt unwanted intrusions for good. Successfully tackling all waterfowl, learn more about our solution by calling us today.

    How Terminix Canada Industrial Pond Netting Works

    Initial Inspection

    On your initial service, we’ll visit your property and document our findings in a comprehensive inspection.


    After inspecting and investigating your bird problem, Terminix Canada will work alongside you to install our netting on your premises. We’ll provide an exceptional, customized job that best suits your needs. We’ll also ensure there is minimal disruption to your daily operations.

    Bird Monitoring

    If bird problems come back, so will we. Our team won’t rest until we’ve eliminated your concerns.


    Don’t let birds poop on your parade! Call in the professionals instead. We’ll provide an effective line of defence against the issues that threaten the health and safety of your premises and employees.

    Our service professionals:

    Are trained on installing effective industrial pond netting and follow enhanced safety protocols.

    Utilize proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to minimize the spread of any germs or pathogens.

    Have years of experience servicing thousands of diverse businesses, in major industries, across Canada everyday.


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    Terminix Canada Reviews

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    4.1 757 reviews

    • baljit raina ★★★★★ 7 months ago
      The inspector was really good. He explained the issue in details and went around the house and filled every possible hole. He provided solutions to the issues and … read more was seriously listening to me. Please keep similar experiences people and let him train other people. Promote him and make him head of the training department and you will do really well.On the other hand I had to call 5 times and wait for 10 -12 days to get an appointment schedule. There is no follow up from customer service people and it is too long to get an appointment. Please fix your appointment scheduling issue and you will do well. Remember a happy customer will bring hundreds more and an upset will spread bad word to hundreds as well.Hope you take my suggestions seriously. Hire me and I have tons of experience with customer service and will fix all these issues. You need customer service agents to have visibility into your scheduling application so they can set appointments and give customer on spot appointments. This will really help you in long time run. I can also come in as a consultant and help you to integrate your applications or help you implement a new one.
    • Jennifer Hardaker ★★★★★ 4 months ago
      Marshall just installed Pigeon netting on my apartment balcony at 2335 Lakeshore. It took 70 minutes in pouring rain and wind. He did a superb job and was pleasant … read more and courteous. Thanks for a job well done.Marshall also installed netting for my elderly neighbour on the same floor as me. She does not have access to the internet so she asked me to covey her appreciation for his excellent job and his courteous manner.
    • Joseph D. Martinez ★★★★★ 4 months ago
      Marshall did a great job! He came and finished the unfinished work way ahead of schedule and made sure it was done right! He worked alone through the storm! What … read more a great employee! An asset to the company!

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