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Terminix Canada’s garbage chute cleaning makes waste removal safe, and easy on the environment. Eliminate pest breeding grounds and protect tenants too.

Fix Trash Problems With Our Garbage Chute Cleaning

Garbage chute cleaning is something that many apartment buildings, office buildings and other commercial sites neglect. This creates a risky environment for tenants. When building tenants discard their stinky garbage into a garbage chute, bags regularly open or rip. The end result is wet and stinky garbage sticking to the inner walls of the chute. Ultimately, these conditions don’t only cause odour problems but create breeding sites for cockroaches, flies and rats too.

Why You Need This Terminix Canada Service

Garbage chutes have a naturally occurring updraft that is similar to a chimney. In short, this produces airborne odours and bacteria from inside the refuse chute walls. These airborne pathogens and odours then enter public areas as tenants open the chute doors and dispose of their garbage. If you’re in charge of an apartment building, office building or another commercial site, ensure tenants’ health and safety by scheduling a visit from the Terminix Canada team. Please note, this service should be used in conjunction with Terminix Canada’s effective odour control solutions.



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    Service Advantages Include:

    • Removal of odour
    • Reducing health risks for tenants and staff
    • Removal of bacteria, viruses and garbage build-up
    • Reducing the risk of fire
    • Reducing cockroach, fly and rodent problems
    • Increasing longevity of the chute, compactor and bin

    How Terminix Canada Garbage Chute Cleaning Works

    Garbage Chute Inspection

    On your initial service, we’ll visit your property and document our garbage chute findings in a comprehensive inspection.

    Garbage Chute Foaming

    After inspecting and investigating your garbage chute problem, Terminix Canada will utilize one of our odour control solutions. We treat each garbage chute using a specialized foaming agent. The foam we distribute expands inside the chute, allowing the product to fill every crack and crevice.

    Garbage Chute Monitoring

    If garbage chute problems come back, so will we. Our team won’t rest until we’ve eliminated your garbage chute and odour issues.


    Don’t leave garbage chute cleaning in the hands of the unqualified. Call in the professionals instead. We’ll provide an effective line of defence against the issues that threaten the health and safety of your employees or tenants.

    Our service professionals:

    Are trained on proper use of products including disinfectant application techniques and enhanced safety protocols.

    Utilize proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to minimize the spread of any germs or pathogens.

    Have years of experience servicing thousands of diverse businesses, in major industries, across Canada everyday.


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    Terminix Canada Reviews

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    • Avatar Bill smith ★★★★★ 2 months ago
      Adam from the Greater Toronto office arrived and did a great job making and installing 2 one-way doors over our bathroom stack vents to alleviate our red squirrel … read more problem. We are very happy with the service and the cost also and it has given us peace of mind. We left a message on their answering machine on the weekend and they called us first thing Monday morning and before the day was over our problem was solved. Thanks so much for such a prompt response!Bill and Sally S., Kincardine ON
    • Avatar Vijay Guyah ★★★★★ 4 months ago
      I have pest control services at 5 locations across different cities with different providers. Derrick in Wildlife at Terminix is the best professional in the industry. … read more He sees the problem all the way through, and is thorough in explaining his approach.
    • Avatar Beverley Heilbron ★★★★★ 6 months ago
      Overall a very professional organization. I had contacted two other exterminators who never responded to my request. Terminix responded within 24 hours the technician … read more was very helpful and even provided his phone number so that I could text him if the problem persisted. The good news is I no longer have a wasp issue

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