Need beetle control? While beetles live and breed outdoors, they sometimes invade businesses in large groups. Our beetle treatment creates an effective shield to keep them out.

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Got The Hump With Beetles? Our Beetle Control Removes Them For Good

When you spot black, brown, patterned or metallic beetles in your business, it’s time to book Terminix Canada beetle control. Gruesome looking pests that use six legs for quickly scurrying out of reach, beetles can turn up at any time of year when they’re looking for shelter.

In short, businesses provide beetles food, water and a place to hide from predators. Part of a diverse group of insects with over 300,000 different species worldwide, beetles only live for around one year with some species living longer. With most beetle species having two pairs of wings, beetles are dependent on a regular supply of food and water to survive. Remember that professionals like Terminix Canada are your best bet for beetle control.

From carpet beetle control to stored product beetle removal, our beetle control professionals respond to beetle infestations quickly and efficiently. You can find beetle killers online and in stores but these are stopgap solutions that aren’t half as effective as Terminix Canada beetle treatment. Backed by over 90 years of experience, our beetle exterminators will put their industry-leading tools to work so you can prevent beetle infestations from disrupting your workflow.

Common Beetles In Canada

Carpet Beetles

Size: 2 to 5 mm long

Colour: The back of these insects is spotted with grey-yellow, brown and white scales.

Behaviour: This beetle is capable of structural damage to your business. Carpet beetle larvae seek out natural fibres to eat. Common feasts include carpets, cashmere, dead skin, feathers, furs, leather bookbinding, stuffed animals, and woollens. As for adults, they regularly feed on nectars and pollens.


Stored Product Beetles

Size: 2 to 4 mm long

Colour: Reddish brown to black.

Behaviour: Confused flour beetles and red flour beetles go crazy for flour! Worldwide, these pests are responsible for contaminating food on a mass-scale. These beetles cannot feed on whole grains but you’ll find them in grain dust, flour, dried fruit, nuts, chocolate, snuff, spices, rodent baits, and drugs.


Frequently Asked Questions

Not only do beetles breach businesses themselves, they are sometimes accidently transported indoors via infested products. Effective beetle control involves regular and thorough sanitation, throwing out old or unused dried foods, and plugging any gaps, cracks or holes in your walls.

With most beetles being poor fliers, the best way to get rid of beetles is Terminix Canada. We’ve helped business owners with tasks like beetle control for over 90 years, succeeding where many fail with their ineffective, short-term beetle killers.

Most adult beetle species are active for around six months of the year with numbers increasing during the summer wet-season.

Innocuous insects, beetles aren’t considered harmful to humans since they do not spread disease. But do beetles bite? In short, they possess chewing mouthparts so the answer is yes. However, beetles rarely ever bite humans. Particular species like the carpet beetle are scavengers meaning they mostly feed on dead animal products, dry substances, and other debris. Also usually found outdoors eating insects, beetles do cause bigger issues when invading businesses in large numbers. This is when you should get in contact with a professional beetle exterminator like Terminix Canada.

Many things entice beetles onto your premises. Firstly, most beetles are attracted to standard “white” light bulbs and other indoor or outdoor lighting. Leaving any loading dock trash bins open will also entice these pesky intruders onto your property. Canadian business owners should also never leave food products uncovered. Take it from us, beetles won’t distinguish between garbage in your trashcan and discarded food you may have sitting around.

Elsewhere, the other bugs potentially inside your business, like aphids, are a delicacy for many beetles. Lastly, during periods of drought, beetles commonly migrate to water sources inside your business. In short, excess humidity provides beetles with the moisture they need to survive.

Removal of beetles from stored goods is often more about prevention than outright treatment. Prevention and exclusion are the principal methods of controlling beetle species like cigarette beetles in your business. Canadian business owners should focus on identifying and destroying infested materials. Elsewhere, they can place any foodstuffs in airtight plastic containers.

For wood boring or wood-infesting beetles, other beetle control methods need to be used. These include controlling wood moisture, using surface covers, mechanical removal, and freezing. Beetle insecticides may be sold at your local hardware store but they aren’t half as effective as Terminix Canada beetle control.

For proper beetle removal, call our team. Safe for your staff and customers, we will use a beetle treatment on the foundation of your premises, around doorframes, around lower windows, and elsewhere.

How Terminix Canada Beetle Control Works

Beetle Inspection

On your initial service, we will hunt high and low for beetles, documenting our findings in a comprehensive inspection.

Beetle Defence

We will treat the interior and exterior of your business, targeting the beetles you see and the ones you don’t. Outside, we will establish an effective perimeter around your property.

Beetle Monitoring

During ongoing service treatments, we will come back to treat outside your business, fortifying the perimeter to keep you protected. Our custom beetle treatments adapt with the seasons to address seasonal beetle activity in your area. This way, you’re protected all year long.

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