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You’ve worked too hard on your business to let it be ruined by pests. Get the proper defence you need with
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Our Commercial Pest Control Includes

Ant Control
Bed Bug Control
Bird Exclusion
Cockroach Control
Flying insect Control
Rodent Removal
Spider Control
Wildlife Control

Ant Control

Terminix Canada’s trusted, environmentally friendly ant control team has helped families and businesses eliminate all types of ants. This includes removal of carpenter ants and other ants in Canada. Our ant exterminators will implement effective ant pest control solutions that stops them infesting your space.

We respond to ant infestations quickly and efficiently. We perform a thorough inspection to determine the severity and source of the ant infestation in your home or business. After that, we’ll use the right ant treatment for your property. These include ant baits, ant traps, gel-based ant pesticides, and interior/exterior chemical spray. Above all, these are proven ant killers!

Bed Bug Control

Found almost everywhere, bed bugs have grown resistant to traditional pesticides. Luckily for you, Terminix Canada has the effective bed bug treatments you need. Our professional bed bug exterminators use industry-leading products and combinations of different products for the most effective bed bug control possible.

Terminix Canada’s bed bug treatment only utilizes products that keep you, your family and property safe. Our team is backed by over 90 years of experience treating bed bugs so we know exactly which methods to use both indoors and outdoors, preventing you from any health risk whatsoever. Don’t put up with disgusting bed bugs. Wipe them out for good!

Bird Exclusion

Terminix Canada offers several pre-emptive bird removal and bird control services to remove birds from your home before they cause significant damage to your property. Common Canadian birds like pigeons and starlings can seek refuge in roofs, small nooks, and crannies.

We offer safe and humane pest control for birds through gentle bird removal techniques that cause no harm to the animals or your family. We simply relocate them and take measures (such as installing bird deterrents) to stop them from returning in the future. We can add safeguards such as bird exclusion netting on vents and other inhabited areas for a complete bird control service solution.

Cockroach Control

Terminix Canada cockroach exterminators use safe, chemical treatments to kill cockroaches. This minimizes the chance of future infestations and ensures a secure and healthy environment. All cockroach species like the German cockroach are nocturnal so you might not even realize you need immediate cockroach extermination until it’s gotten out of control.

Cockroaches also multiply rapidly so a small pest problem can quickly turn into a large cockroach infestation. Carrying bacteria into food-dense areas, it’s important to book professional cockroach control at the first sign of an infestation. Our team is backed by over 90 years of experience tackling cockroaches so depend on us to remove these disgusting pests from your space.

Flying insect Control

Terminix Canada understands how annoying fly infestations can be in your residence or workplace. House flies and other domestic flies carry and spread diseases. Don’t worry, we use many advanced fly control methods to get rid of flies for good.

Homemade fly remedies aren’t worth your time. Instead, we use a superior and highly effective fly trap that utilizes light. Unlike other bug zappers that cause airborne contamination, our light fly trap attracts your house flies infestation, and captures them in a non-toxic glue trap. Our fly traps are universal, adaptable and easily installed almost anywhere, even in food preparation areas. See your fly infestation buzz off with Terminix Canada.

Rodent Removal

Not only do rats and mice make people uncomfortable, rodents cause structural damage to your home or business. Safeguard your property with professional mice removal or Norway rat control. Our professional rodent exterminators are backed by over 90 years of experience tackling mice and rats.

We’ll get rid of your rodent problem with the latest techniques. These include placing spring-loaded traps at entry points and getting rid of rodents’ food sources. Rest assured, we trap mice fast and humanely for a complete solution. The health and safety of you and your family is top priority so choose our professional rodent removal for true peace of mind.

Spider Control

We understand that spiders are a nuisance and disruptive to your daily life and peace of mind. Fear not, Terminix Canada offers easy, no-hassle spider extermination. We use safe and effective spider control, like residual pesticides both inside and around your home. After that, our proactive spider control ensures every spider is gone for good.

Our spider extermination team is experienced in removing common Canada spiders like cellar spiders, hobo spiders, house spiders, and wolf spiders. If you’re unsure about any unfamiliar spiders dwelling in your space, count on Terminix Canada to remove them for you.

Wildlife Control

Preserve your property and keep wildlife out with Terminix Canada’s humane wildlife control and removal services. Whether you need bat removal or squirrel removal, we’ll work with you to protect you from these meddlesome animals wherever they turn up.

From preventative to emergency wildlife removal, we remove, control, and prevent the intrusion of wild animals in and around your home by sealing entry points. Our humane approach leaves virtually no ecological footprint, and ensures no stress or harm comes to any animal. Trust our wildlife removal professionals with your individual situation.


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How Our Commercial Pest Control Works

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3! We use tried-and-tested methods of pest control to deliver the effective results you expect. Click each slide to learn more.

Stage 1: Examination

On your initial service, we'll hunt your facility high and low for pest sites, documenting our findings in a comprehensive inspection.

Stage 2: Pest Defence

We'll treat the interior and exterior of your facility, targeting the pests you see and the ones you don't. Outside, we'll establish an effective perimeter around your business.

Stage 3: Pest Monitoring

During ongoing service treatments, we'll come back to treat outside your facility, fortifying the perimeter to keep you protected. Our custom treatments adapt with the seasons to address seasonal pest activity in your area, giving you protection all year long.

Our Guarantee

If pests come back between treatments, so will we - at no extra cost. It's all part of our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Terminix Canada Reviews

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  • A Google User ★★★★★ a month ago
    I had quite the build up of ants and spiders in the basement and Terminix came and took care of everything. They also explained to me what they were doing as they … read more were doing it. They also had an eco friendly option which we loved!
  • Avatar Beverley Heilbron ★★★★★ 2 weeks ago
    Overall a very professional organization. I had contacted two other exterminators who never responded to my request. Terminix responded within 24 hours the technician … read more was very helpful and even provided his phone number so that I could text him if the problem persisted. The good news is I no longer have a wasp issue
  • Avatar meron tesfay ★★★★★ a month ago
    I had quite the build up of ants and spiders in the basement and Terminix came and took care of everything. They also explained to me what they were doing as they … read more were doing it. They also had an eco friendly option which we loved!

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