The Most Venomous Spiders In Ontario

So you want to read about the most venomous spiders in Ontario. If you suffer from arachnophobia, reader discretion is advised!

In short, no pest elicits the same kind of fear and revulsion that spiders do. With their spindly legs, multitude of eyes, and venomous bite, they’re nature’s favourite little nightmare machines. But luckily, we Canadians don’t really have to worry about the truly dangerous varieties of spiders, right?

Think again.

With over 14 million people calling Ontario home, it’s Canada’s most densely populated province. As such, it’s no wonder that human and spider have endured countless face-to-face interactions over the years. But what happens when you encounter venomous spiders in Ontario head-on?

Carry on reading to learn more about deadly spiders in Ontario, how you can identify them, and what you can do to remove them.

How Common Are Poisonous Spiders In Ontario?

Firstly, it’s exceedingly rare to encounter dangerous spiders in Ontario. This isn’t to say they’ve never been discovered in the province however.

Back in October 2010, CBC reported that a fourth black widow spider had been discovered in the Greater Toronto Area. Frighteningly, Mississauga resident and winemaker Tony Nicoletti discovered the black widow spider dangling beside a broom in his garage.

In a rare spate of black widow discoveries, it was the fourth time in quick succession that a GTA winemaker had encountered a black widow spider. The first two black widows were located in Woodbridge with a third discovered in Newmarket.

With a terrifying appearance and a bite 15 times more poisonous than a rattlesnake’s, the fact is black widows make arachnophobia seem less like a phobia and more like a legitimate fear.

However, if you arm yourself with relevant black widow spider facts, you won’t have to worry about black widow spider bite symptoms in Ontario ever again.

Seriously, Are There Black Widows In Ontario?

So you’re questioning, “are there black widow spiders in Ontario?”

Would we lie to you?

Black widow spiders are more than just the most venomous spiders in Ontario. They’re the second most venomous spider in the world, just behind the Brazilian wandering spider. However, whereas Brazilian wandering spiders are located solely in South America, black widow species can be found across the United States and Southern Canada, in British Columbia, as well as Southern Ontario.

Of course, everyone’s favourite black widow spider fun fact is that the females eat the males after mating. However, did you know that black widow hatchlings have amber and white colouration? This is until they mature into that slick black carapace with sinister red markings. You know, the spiders we’ve all seen in our worst night terrors.

However, despite their sinister appearance and vicious neurotoxin, black widow spiders are actually quite docile. Ultimately, they will not attack humans unless provoked, even going so far as playing dead. Even if you do have the poor fortune of getting bit by one, a black widow spider bite has a less than 1% mortality rate.

Even for the second most venomous spider in the world, spider mandibles are made for neutralizing very small prey, not fully-grown humans. While a black widow spider bite has a variety of deeply unpleasant symptoms, a healthy adult should be able to recover in a matter of days. Of course, if such an unlikely event should occur, you should still seek immediate medical attention and call Terminix Canada for expert spider control and removal.

What About Other Venomous Spiders In Ontario? Is The Brown Recluse In Ontario?

The brown recluse spider is not common in Ontario. However, there have been one-off encounters and reported bites over the years. Sometimes, spiders like these can sneakily find their way to Canada in cargo vessels shipping goods from the United States.

You won’t want to come face-to-face with the brown recluse spider either.  A brown recluse spider bite contains venom, filled with a complex collection of enzymes. This causes hemolysis; characterized as the rupturing of blood cells. Bites are painful but they very rarely kill people. Read more about the brown recluse spider here.

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