The Entomological Society Of America Now Classifies Termites As Cockroaches

Most people really hate cockroaches, and who could blame them. Most people also aren’t very fond of termites, but normally that’s the only thing that groups these two pesky pests together.

Until now.

In the biggest reclassification (not really) since International Astronomical Union (IAU) deemed Pluto wasn’t deserving of a planetary title, termites have now been deemed cockroaches.

Termites Are The New Cockroach

No, really. According to the Entomological Society of America in their updated master list of insect names, termites are the new cockroach. Recategorizing the termite order is backed by many decades of genetic evidence that the wood chippers should be part of the cockroach order, Blattodea.

Since the 30’s, gossip of termites getting lumped into the cockroach order has exists. It was back then that researchers first discovered that the microbes in termite guts are also present in wood-eating cockroaches. Weird coincidence, right?

As technology has advanced and the genealogical relationship kinks were ironed out, so began the argument that termites are simply a part of the hydra-like family tree of cockroaches. The first suggestion of reclassification came from termite biologist Paul Eggleton of the Natural History Museum in London. In his study, Death Of An Order, published in 2007, positioned termites on the tree near the Cryptocercus cockroach.

Chemical ecologist and cockroach enthusiast Coby Schal at North Carolina State University in Raleigh, North Carolina, has stated that termites are nothing but social cockroaches. For example, Macrotermes termite colonies can grow to three million strong, fairly easily. This despite them having just a single queen and king.

Deciding whether to demote the entire termite order was an unusual conundrum, says Whitney Cranshaw of Colorado State University in Fort Collins. He was a part of the naming committee members put to a vote to make the final decision.

“Probably some of us, including myself, didn’t want to make the change because we liked it the way it was,” said Cranshaw. Namely, it was a lot easier for his students to memorize termites and cockroaches as a part of two distinct orders. However, that didn’t stop him from voting in favour of the change regardless.

“It’s what’s right,” Cranshaw shrugged.

What Hasn’t Changed? How Terminix Handles Termite Control!

This reorganization is all fine and dandy for the good people of the science committee. However, at the end of the day, does this change anything? How does this affect pest control?

The bottom line is that it doesn’t. Regardless of whether you want to consider termites cockroaches, or whether you prefer to continue separating the two pests, Terminix Canada is still here to stop both bothersome insects in their tracks.

Whether you are experiencing a cockroach outbreak or a termite infestation, it’s important that you quickly call in the experts. Both pests can cause serious, expensive structural damage to your home. This damage is no easy fix if you wait too long to deal with the problem.

Like mice, if you notice one termite around your home, there’s likely another hundred nearby that are better at hiding.

Likewise, for cockroaches, immediate cockroach control is imperative in preventing infestations from reaching critical, untenable levels. They multiple rapidly, so a small pest problem can quickly turn into a sizeable cockroach infestation if given the chance. 

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