Queen Victoria, Ants And Termite Extermination: What Do They Have In Common?

No, our blog title isn’t a spoof – there truly is a link between Queen Victoria, ants and termite extermination. Sure, we don’t take days off to commemorate insect queens like we do for our human monarchs of old. However, there are a number of uncanny similarities between the two!

For starters, ants, termites and Queen Victoria are rulers of their colonies, and they both oversee the comings and goings of their respective civilizations. Furthermore, there are several other factoids about both Queen Victoria and queen ants that we bet you weren’t aware of.

They Were Both Single Mothers, And They Were Both Raised By Single Mothers

While a traditional non-traditional household might look more like the house of Queen Victoria (minus the whole Queen of the United Kingdom thing), an ant family has some interesting resemblances as well. After mating with a male, the queen ant is left to raise her some 300,000 eggs on her own.

Of course, we use the term ‘raise’ quite loosely. An ant’s definition of raising a brood mainly consists of the daughters cleaning, feeding and grooming the queen. But still, 300, 000 kids looks quite intimidating on the online dating profile!

Termites Propose To Their Future Kings, As Did Queen Victoria To Prince Albert

Just like human monarchs, termites will often necessitate both a king and a queen termite to govern a colony. Unlike the ant colony where the male ant dies after mating, in the termite community, both the male and female termites have offspring, and govern a colony together. Colonies are founded when a potential queen joins a mating swarm and picks out her most eligible suitor, thus, asking‚ him to join antennae in holy matrimony.

The Ant’s Measure Of Success Is Determined By The Size Of Her Empire

Queen Victoria, much to the envy of all the insects of the Commonwealth, expanded her empire to be the largest of any empire in the history of the world. That is, the largest of both insect and human empires. Similarly, the primary function of an ant colony is to grow their queen’s empire to its fullest capacity.

But it is the inner workings of the ant colony that is most impressive. Ant colonies will maintain a hierarchical structure, where certain ants are responsible for the security and welfare of the queen, while others are responsible for gathering food, and taking over other colonies, thereby expanding the empire. So just like Queen Victoria will have her servants, her soldiers, and her civilians, so will the ants. Well, sort of.

There Were Numerous Assassination Attempts On Queen Victoria

Unbeknownst to most, there were quite a number of assassination attempts on Queen Victoria’s life. In 1840, an 18-year-old named Edward Oxford was the first of seven people who tried to assassinate Queen Victoria. In 1842, a fellow called John Francis tried twice to kill her, and failed both times. Also in 1842, John William Bean took a shot at it (no pun intended). And then there were two more, one in 1849, and one in 1850. Not that you were looking for one, but if you needed to hire a private assassin, you may want to steer clear of these guys!

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So what is the similarity between Queen Victoria and the insect queens? That far too many times, under-qualified people have tried and failed to bring down particular empires, and we don’t want the same thing to happen to you.

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