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Need Help Removing Squirrels? Our Best Tips For Mitigating Squirrel Damage.

Removing squirrels, eh? Anybody who’s attempted this task knows just how difficult it is to get these growling small mammals out of your home and back into the wild. At first, with their big fluffy tails and perky ears, squirrels might seem like fun-loving animals that are too cute to be rodents.

In fact, squirrels are part of the scientific order Rodentia, just as mice and rats are. And just like this pesky duo, squirrels are more than capable of causing lots of damage and mess. If you’ve been wondering, “do squirrels chew wires?” the answer is yes. These rodents will chew on anything to manage the length of their teeth. They’ll happily chew through wood, electrical wiring, and the other infrastructure that makes your house a home.

Since squirrel damage can mean costly maintenance and repairs for Canadian homeowners, removing squirrels should take immediate priority upon discovering them. Carry on reading this blog to learn more about squirrels in Canada, identifying squirrel damage, and what you can do to mitigate the carnage that squirrels cause in our homes.

What Are The Most Common Types Of Squirrels In Canada?

Ultimately, squirrels are discovered all across the globe, with over 200 different species worldwide. The most common squirrels in Canada are Eastern Grey Squirrels, often intruding on homes throughout Nova Scotia, Ontario, and Quebec.

Elsewhere, Red Squirrels are prevalent in provinces like Newfoundland and Saskatchewan.  Whatever region you call home, it’s more likely than not that you have squirrels in the vicinity.

According to a May 2021 article by The Globe and Mail, the COVID-19 pandemic, and with it, fewer cars on the road, led to more home invading squirrels and a 30% rise in Toronto squirrel removal enquiries.

Identifying Squirrel Damage To The House (Backyard)

So we know that removing squirrels is your number one priority. Firstly, you’ll need to learn how to identify squirrel damage so you can prevent more destruction in the future. Envisage your backyard for a second. In short, there are several signs to look out for when it comes to identifying squirrel damage to the house.

  • Uprooted plants and flowers
  • Eaten nuts or fruits
  • Small, dug up holes
  • Damaged bird feeders, with chew marks. (Most often squirrels will damage the tray or container with seeds in their attempt to reach the contents of the bird feeder).

Identifying Squirrels In The Attic Damage

While you might think of squirrels as purely outdoor animals, they can also cause problems indoors. The following bullet points are signs that a squirrel may have made its way inside your home. Remember, it’s worth keeping in mind that squirrels in the attic or chimneys are a common occurrence. Keep an eye out for:

  • Chewed wires or damage to vents
  • Scratching, gnawing, or chewing noises
  • A musty urine smell or sightings of droppings
  • Holes in the roof

It’s also worth mentioning that rodents other than squirrels, namely mice and rats, can also cause some of these issues too. If you suspect any of these rodents have been causing mischief, and notice damage, it’s time to call Terminix Canada. Our humane squirrel removal and humane rodent removal teams use harm-free methods to get rid of squirrels and other rodents quickly and effectively.

Best Tips To Manage Squirrel Damage

When it comes to managing outdoor damage caused by squirrels, there are some preventative measures you can take. The first, which might seem obvious, is not to feed any animals, including squirrels that enter your yard. In short, if you feed squirrels, they’ll continue coming back, looking for more food.

Similarly, squirrels will often view the contents in bird feeders as a source of food – even if they’re closed off. That’s why you might find them damaged if you’re dealing with squirrels in your yard. To reduce encounters with the bird feeder, try bird feed that does not contain sunflower seeds, or pick the sunflower seeds out.

Additionally, since tree squirrels inhabit trees, it’s important to keep any branches that touch, or are within 20 feet of your house, trimmed. This will lessen the likelihood that a squirrel will enter your attic or home and begin to cause damage there. Luckily, professional contractors should be able to fix any squirrel damage inside or outside of your home once all intruding squirrels have been humanely removed.

Removing Squirrels Is What We Do Best. Leave Humane Squirrel Removal To Terminix Canada 

If you suspect squirrels in the attic or that a squirrel has managed to build a nest elsewhere in your home, contact Terminix Canada immediately. We specialize in solutions for residential properties so you can go about removing squirrels in a proper, efficient and humane manner. Ultimately, our humane squirrel removal service is the best and safest way for you to get rid of squirrels for good.

Are Squirrels Dangerous To Humans?

If you’ve ever wondered ‘are squirrels dangerous?’ you weren’t wrong to. A lot of Canadians often think these rodents are cute and don’t consider them a real threat. This, however, is misguided. At the end of the day, these bushy tailed rodents are exactly that – rodents! As such, squirrels carry the same kind of dangers that their mouse and rat cousins are known for.

Ultimately, squirrels carry diseases which can make squirrels dangerous. However, most of these diseases aren’t dangerous to humans, but some are and definitely warrant your full attention. Firstly, squirrels are covered in parasites and these can be passed to both humans and pets. With infected squirrels carrying Encephalitis, Lyme Disease, Salmonella and Tularemia, this makes it incredibly important to get rid of squirrels immediately. This blog will guide you through all the reasons you should consider humane squirrel removal, particularly with Terminix Canada’s help.

Do Squirrels Carry Rabies?

It’s true that any warm-blooded mammal like squirrels can carry or contract rabies. Nevertheless, rabid squirrels are incredibly rare. This is because rodents like these often die after contracting the virus themselves. Even though your chances of encountering a rabid squirrel are very slim, it’s still important to detect any rabies warning signs.

Rabies affects the central nervous system so you’ll spot changes in a squirrel’s behaviour. As with most rabies-infected animals, rabid squirrels will either be highly aggressive or unusually docile. To complicate matters further, squirrels may suffer the roundworm brain parasite that carries symptoms very similar to rabies. Ultimately, you won’t want to take any chances. Hiring humane squirrel removal for your home provides the peace of mind you need.

Do Squirrels Bite?

Again, rabid or dangerous squirrels are very rare. Therefore, the chances of you or your pet suffering a squirrel bite are very slim. This isn’t to say that squirrel bites don’t take place however. Squirrel teeth are constantly growing, which makes for a strong bite should they decide to attack. They will bite and attack if they feel agitated or threatened by human or pet behaviour.

For instance, mother squirrels are highly protective over their babies. If you attempt to disturb squirrels in the attic, you could face a squirrel that growls or squawks. Ultimately, squirrels use noises and their tails to either warn off predators or threats, or alert other squirrels of danger. Most of the time however, squirrels are afraid to get too close to humans. Just think about it for a second. The last time you visited a park and attempted to get too close to a squirrel, it likely bounded off faster than Usain Bolt and into the distance or up a tree!

The bottom line is, if a squirrel bites you pet, take it to the vet. A veterinarian will check if any wounds carry a rabies infection and whether any parasites exist that threaten both yours and your pets’ health.

The Danger of Squirrel Diseases

Squirrels are notorious for carrying parasites like fleas, mites and ticks. These parasites cause some squirrel diseases that are dangerous to humans.

Encephalitis – In mild cases, encephalitis causes fever or headache. However, in more extreme cases, it can cause confusion, seizures or movement issues.

Lyme Disease – This can burden you with a serious rash that could result in joint pain, severe headaches and even facial paralysis, if left untreated.

Salmonella – Salmonella bacteria are carried in squirrel droppings and this can cause severe diarrhoea, abdominal pains, and vomiting.

Tularemia – This can result in swollen lymph nodes and ulcers, as well as Leptospirosis, which has flu-like symptoms.

House Damage And Squirrels In The Attic

So part way though this blog, we’ve already established the answer to ‘are squirrels dangerous?’ But we haven’t spoken about house damage and the threat of squirrels in the attic or squirrels inside your walls.

Like we mentioned before, squirrels’ teeth are constantly growing. Therefore, squirrels cause serious structural damage to homes that isn’t easy to repair. Squirrels are able to chew through things like electrical wiring and insulation with ease. Believe it or not, squirrels have started house fires in the past from chewing on defected wiring.

The Best Way To Get Rid Of Squirrels

If you’re looking to successfully get rid of squirrels right now, you should hire a humane squirrel removal company like Terminix Canada. Before our technicians get to work however, it’s important that you remove any open diet sources like seeds, nuts or fruits. Installing gutter guards can also prevent squirrels from finding entry points into your home. Clipping any overhanging tree branches near roofing, removing any firewood and repairing foundational cracks will also help keep squirrels out too.

Now you’re in a position for professional squirrel removal, our technicians will get rid of squirrels in an ethical and humane manner using exclusion methods. Terminix Canada has provided squirrel control to thousands of Canadians coast-to-coast. Rest assured, our squirrel removal technicians always wake up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed to liberate your home from the dangers that squirrels pose. Contact us right now, before your squirrel problem drives you nutty.