Should I Use a Cockroach Bomb?

Dealing with a cockroach infestation is a daunting task for most homeowners. When you find a cockroach in your space you’ll rightly want to deal with the situation immediately and effectively. Unfortunately, this adrenaline also leads many homeowners to make rash decisions such as using cockroach bombs. Below we’ll explore the pros and cons of using cockroach bombs and the discuss reasons they are not the right choice for every cockroach infestation. 


What is a cockroach bomb?

A cockroach bomb, also known as a cockroach fogger, bug bomb or total release aerosol is a pest control product designed to eliminate cockroaches in a home. When activated cockroach bombs release a fine mist of insecticide into the air. As the mist settles it coats all the surfaces in the room in a toxic film that is deadly to cockroaches. 

While these bombs are marketed as a convenient and cost-effective solution for homeowners dealing with cockroach infestations, the use of cockroach bombs comes with serious health risks and limited effectiveness. It is essential that homeowners who decide to use cockroach bombs follow proper safety precautions and are realistic about the results they can achieve with a bomb. 

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Is using a cockroach bomb safe?

Put simply, no cockroach bombs are not safe. Just because they are easily accessible at hardware stores does not mean they are safe to use in your home. The insecticide that is sprayed from cockroach bombs is extremely toxic not just to insects but also to humans and pets. If you are going to use a cockroach bomb in your home make sure to closely follow the safety protocols outlined on the label. Make sure the area is evacuated during the treatment, properly air out the area after the treatment and thoroughly clean all surfaces before allowing children and pets back into the area.

When should you use a cockroach bomb?

A cockroach bomb is best used as the first step in eliminating a heavy cockroach infestation. This is because cockroach bombs are best at eliminating a large number of cockroaches out in the open. When cockroaches hide in tiny crooks and crannies (as they often do in the early stages of an infestation) it is difficult for the toxic spray of a bomb to reach them. For this reason, they are not the right choice for the vast majority of Canadian homeowners. If you have spotted only one or two cockroaches in your home, unfortunately, a cockroach bomb has a very low chance of resolving your issue. – Learn more about how to get rid of cockroaches 


Convenience: Cockroach bombs are readily available at most hardware stores and supermarkets. They provide a quick and seemingly easy solution for homeowners looking to address a cockroach problem.

Cost-Effective: Cockroach bombs are relatively inexpensive.


Incomplete Extermination: Cockroach bombs often do not eliminate all cockroaches in a home. Cockroaches often hide in areas inaccessible to the insecticide. 

Health Risks: The insecticides used in cockroach bombs can cause health issues in humans and pets. Exposure to these chemicals may result in respiratory issues, skin irritation and more. 

Risk of Fire Hazards: Cockroach bombs are flammable, and improper use can cause fires.

Required Training: Without a proper understanding of cockroach behaviour and biology, homeowners often do not deploy the bomb in an effective position.

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Alternatives to cockroach bombs

While cockroach bombs claim to offer a quick fix to a stressful issue, in reality, they are not a good option for most infestations. Instead, it’s best to leave cockroach extermination to the professionals. Cockroaches are notoriously resilient, frequently surviving mutilation, starvation and even radiation! The fastest and safest approach to dealing with a cockroach infestation is to seek professional pest control services. 

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