3 Scary Bugs That’ll Give You Nightmares This Halloween

Our favourite holiday to dress like up a dingus is upon us, and what better way to celebrate the creepiest time of the year than looking at three of the most terrifying bugs on earth.

Halloween is about all things frightening, including witches, ghosts, demons and… scary bugs?

To celebrate the spooky season, Terminix Canada decided to mix together our two interests, all things scary and all things creepy crawly to discover the scariest bugs on earth.

Jason Voorhees, Freddy Kruger, and Michael Myers are child’s play compared to these creepy crawlies. From giant centipedes to parasitic larvae, this ghastly list is guaranteed to make your skin crawl and spine shiver!

Warning: this list can make even the toughest pest exterminator sleep with the lights on. Proceed with caution, you’ve been warned.

Scary Bug #1 – Amazonian Giant Centipede

If you’ve ever shuddered at the sight of a house centipede, then you better hope to never run into an Amazonian Giant Centipedes. These humongous centipedes are sure to make you run for safety.

These ginormous centipedes are littered throughout the tropical regions of Central and South America. Living up to their name, Amazonian Giant Centipedes can grow up to an entire foot long!

They get worse – and their size should be the least of your concerns. Amazonian Giant Centipede’s have venomous front pincers that can pack a serious punch – or more accurately, a serious bite. While they can’t kill humans, they can cause bone-searing pain.

Still not afraid? Unlike the house centipede, these giant centipedes can easily devour any small-sized creature, including birds, lizards and rodents. Eek!

Scary Bug #2 – Africanized Bees

Africanized bees are a mutated offspring that is the result of scientists crossing an African honeybee with a regular honeybee. Basically, none of these scientists ever learnt their lesson reading Frankenstein and have lived to regret it.

These scary bugs are highly threatening and territorial. If you disturb their hive, they won’t hesitate to chase and swarm you for half a mile. You could try to escape by jumping into the water, but they’ll just patiently wait until you come up for air before resuming their attack. Don’t even think about swatting at them. If you do, they’ll just gather more troops to swarm, leading to a worse attack.

Their relentless pursuit of pain and suffering is only really evaded by outpacing them. And they fly, so good luck with that!

Scary Bug #3 (And Probably The Worst Of All) – Human Botfly

You’ve likely heard the joke about earwigs climbing into your ears and living in your brain, which fortunately, is just a joke. But in the case of the Human Botfly, we have no jokes to make.

Dermatobia hominis, more commonly known as the Human Botfly, is easily the creepiest pest to exist on our planet. This terrifying and tiny critter is native to both Central and South America.

An encounter with the terrifying Human Botfly will make your skin crawl… literally. These tiny flies lay eggs on human skin. Once hatched, the Botfly’s parasitic larvae burrow deep into the skin of living humans, feeding on their tender flesh, until it’s ready to dispatch from its host in an alien-like fashion. The cream-colour maggot can cause sharp, excruciating pain every 10-15 minutes for its poor, unsuspecting human host.

These terrifying insects could’ve easily been the inspiration for zombies, feasting on human flesh to thrive.

The only thing positive we can say about Human Botflies is that they are at least fairly easy to treat. The parasite is easily removed from your body with proper medical care. Is your skin crawling? Well, that will probably require at least a few hundred showers.

Terminix Canada Is The Best Solution For A Calm Night’s Sleep

We are very fortunate in Canada. We don’t need to worry about experiencing any of these scary bugs in our day-to-day adventures. However, we understand that all bugs are called creepy crawlies for a reason! If you’ve been having nightmares about the bugs living in your basement or the bats swarming your attic, we can help (except maybe the Botfly, in that case you’re on your own).

Terminix Canada offers residential and commercial insect control, removal, and prevention services for any ghoulish insects giving you the heebie-jeebies this Halloween.