Pest Control For Restaurants: Cockroaches

Pest control for restaurants is important. These services are a necessity for any establishment looking to safeguard their reputation and public image. Customers fleeing your restaurant in a heebie-jeebie induced panic should prove enough inspiration to contact a restaurant exterminator right away. If not, then health inspections ought to offer plenty of motivation. 

In short, commercial kitchen pest control for restaurants eliminate invading pests, most infamously cockroaches. Roaches in restaurants are bad news all round. Besides frightening diners, causing them to panic, and leaving a barrage of one-star reviews, cockroaches contaminate food with bacteria. When diners spot roaches, it immediately raises questions regarding the cleanliness of your restaurant premises.

Ultimately, pest control for restaurants helps business owners negate failed restaurant inspections, subsequent shutdowns, and a tarnished reputation to boot.  Rest assured, a Terminix Canada restaurant exterminator will get to the root of any pest issues on your premises, fast. This way, your diners can say “yum” rather than “yuck”!

Avoid Serving Cockroach A La Carte

Put yourself in your diners’ shoes. After a long day at the office or working from home, all they crave are the pleasant aromas of a freshly barbecued steak, not a double serving of a musty, roachified stench!

Did you know that cockroach emissions produce pathogens that irritate asthma and sinus symptoms? Needless to say, patrons won’t be sending their compliments to the chef.

Take it from us. The first distinct, musty whiff of roach problems will lead to the authorities being notified. Health inspectors are not sympathetic to the plights of a roach-ridden restaurant either. Therefore, the onus is on you to seek pest control for restaurants at the very first sign of an infestation.

How To Remove Cockroach From Your Menu

Restaurants offer food, shelter, water, and humidity for cretinous cockroaches. So, if a roach finds your kitchen, it’s like their own Hakuna Matata-esque haven and they’ll have no worries for the rest of their days!

If you fear you have roaches, contacting a restaurant exterminator is always the way to go. However, these six cockroach prevention tips will help reduce the chance of roaches in restaurants.

  1. Cleaning out clutter
  2. Keeping everything dry
  3. Emptying trash daily
  4. Using trash cans with tightly sealed lids
  5. Immediately cleaning food crumbs from any surface
  6. Storing food in closed containers

Additional cockroach precautions you can take include sealing the molding surrounding doors and windows. Don’t forget inside cabinets and storage closets, around baseboards, and around backsplashes near sinks too. These are the most common entry passageways for cockroaches to infiltrate restaurants and kitchens. You can install protective mesh screens on drains too to barricade this additional entry point.

Kitchen Nightmares: Cockroach Edition

Did you know that back in June 2016, there was a report of a cockroach falling on a health inspector’s iPad in a South Florida restaurant? You can’t make that up!

With several repeat violations, both live and dead roaches were found throughout the less-than-hygienic restaurant’s kitchen. Okay, even we’re getting a bit queasy!

They discovered three cockroach egg casings in the kitchen hand wash sink, one live roach crawling on the dish rack of the drain tray and many, many more roaches contaminating kitchen pans and equipment.

While these are gross-you-out facts, they prove that a tiny roach problem can quickly escalate into a full-blown cockroach infestation if ignored.

blogTO’s Initiative

As an FYI to restaurant owners and customers alike, over in Toronto, blogTO, a source for local news and culture, provides weekly updates of local health inspections, provided by DineSafe.

Garnering recognition on this list would be a restaurant’s worst nightmare. Just like finding a roach in a burger is your customer’s worst nightmare.

The only way cockroaches could be any worse for your restaurant is if they blogged a bad review on Yelp!

Need Pest Control For Restaurants? Contact Terminix Canada Today. 

Contacting Terminix Canada should be your priority number one at the first inkling of a cockroach in your restaurant. Our mains include tried-and-tested cockroach control and cockroach removal tactics, with generous sides including pest prevention services.

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