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7 Incredible Squirrel Abilities – Why They Are Formidable Foes

Squirrels are a divisive subject for many. People either love them or hate them with some even celebrating them on January 21st (National Squirrel Day). Whatever your feelings are about these fluffy tree rats, you must give them credit where credit is due. Squirrel abilities put them in a league of their own. Especially when […]

Need Wildlife Pest Control? Here’s 4 Wildlife Pests We Know All Too Well.

So, you’ve heard scratching, gnawing, or flapping in the attic and decided you need wildlife pest control. So, what’s next? Well, you’re in the right place because Terminix Canada offers humane wildlife removal that works. This way, intruding wildlife can return to their natural habitat and away from your home – completely harm-free. Our professional […]

Pest Control For Restaurants: Cockroaches

Pest control for restaurants is important. These services are a necessity for any establishment looking to safeguard their reputation and public image. Customers fleeing your restaurant in a heebie-jeebie induced panic should prove enough inspiration to contact a restaurant exterminator right away. If not, then health inspections ought to offer plenty of motivation.  In short, […]

Are Bathroom Bugs Hurting Your Business?

What is your business doing to combat bathroom bugs? It doesn’t matter whether you’re running a retail store, a restaurant, a hotel, or a recreational facility. If customers or guests witness a pest infestation while visiting your premises, make no mistake – it will hurt your business. The problem, of course, is that bathrooms are […]

Quit Making The Same DIY Pest Control Mistakes & Learn Proper Pest Control

If you’ve encountered a pest control problem in your home, it’s likely you’ll try and control the problem yourself using DIY pest control. Well, after you shake your fist and ask, “how could this happen to me?!” like you’re the main character in your own Shakespearean Tragedy. We hate the be the bearer of bad […]

Strongest Insects That Should Be Feared, Respected, Then Exterminated

For anyone who’s experienced the misfortune of a household pest infestation, it’ll feel like a terrifying, infinitely growing army of insects, taking over the home. Suddenly there’s a war on your hands and it’s important to assemble a strong army behind you to succeed against the pests. We haven’t yet gotten around to reading the […]

How To Test For Bed Bugs & Tell If A Room Has Them

Where Do Bed Bugs Come From? As you can guess from the name, bed bugs usually live in bedrooms, nearby beds, and other sleeping areas. They feed on warm-blooded animals to survive and therefore are attracted to the spaces where they congregate. For whatever reason, that science still hasn’t discovered, bed bugs seem to prefer […]


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