Wondering How To Get Rid Of Birds? Our Best Bird Removal Tips

It might seem funny to some to read a blog on how to get rid of birds when there are so many people looking for tips online to attract birds to their bird feeders and other bird amenities. For many, birds are seen as beautiful, elusive friends whose songs compliment your afternoon activities perfectly.

We actively put out food for them, build them baths and try to return stray eggs to nests in the spring. As thanks, some of these birds feast on mosquitos and other nuisance insects that we’d rather not have congregate on our properties.

However, the problems arise when these birds become too comfortable, hanging out in large packs on roof tops, nesting in inappropriate areas of our homes and leaving us presents on our cars, pathways and sometimes even our heads.

Not only is their mess unsightly, it can actually present serious health issues. Bird excrement can not only harbour serious bacteria, but it can also corrode roofs. Additionally, bird nests built where they don’t belong, such as vents and eavestroughs can block airflow and become a fire hazard.

Popular Nuisance Birds


Pigeons have become the unofficial mascot for many urban cities, thriving in areas packed with skyscrapers and human traffic. These birds are highly dependent on humans for both room and board. They rely on us for food and rely on our buildings to nest. They feed mostly on discarded human food and bird seed.

House Sparrows

House sparrows are tiny songbirds that can be found all over North America. Did you know that they are actually the most widely distributed bird on Earth? Technically these birds aren’t actually sparrows, instead Old World Weaver Finches. You won’t spot these birds in dense forests or grasslands, similar to pigeons, they prefer to be around people and urban settings. They feed mostly on grains, seeds, ragweed, crabgrass and crops.


Starlings weren’t initially native to North America. They actually came over from Europe in the late 1890s. However, in that time they’ve become very comfortable here, increasing in population and spreading across most of the continent. Their black, glossy feathers and metallic/iridescent sheen is quite stunning and identical for both sexes. They feed on fruits, seeds and insects.


The Best Way To Get Rid Of Birds In Or Around Your Home

Some easy things you can do around your property to dissuade birds from coming around are removing all outdoor water sources, such as bird baths or other outdoor containers housing old rain water.

If bird feed isn’t readily available, many birds will resort to human food, munching out on garbage and green bin waste that is accessible, so these containers should be properly sealed and frequently emptied.

You’ll also want to ensure birds can’t easily get into your home by sealing any crevices, openings or entrances.

The Best Bird Control Utilizes Different Methods Of Physical Exclusion Such As:


Bird netting can be expensive at the onset, but it works, and it works well. Use nets to cover any area where birds may gather or nest, such as roof tops, vents, eavestroughs and more. If you have a roof top air conditioner that collects water around it, it’s recommended to screen in the area to keep birds away.

Spike Strips & Wires

Spike strips and wires can be used to dissuade birds from roosting on ledges. They can work quite well and are easy to install, however they are useless if not placed properly.

Sound Devices

There are various sound devices that can be used to keep birds away, such as propane cannons, whistling or pyrotechnic pistols. You can also get sound generators that can mimic predators. However, these options are intended for commercial or farming use, away from housing. They are not suitable for residential areas.

Visual Scare Devices

There are various visual devices you can purchase to scare away birds such as flash tape, scare-eye balloons and streamers. However, these devices only work on certain species. Other effective scare devices include stuffed owls and hawk silhouettes which are readily available on the market these days for home use. These devices aren’t a permanent solution and you must reposition them around your property frequently in order for them to work.

Flashing Lights & Mirrors

If you want to go this route, you have to purchase both the lights and the mirrors. The mirrors only work in sunshine, whereas the lights only work in the dark. They are effective at dissuading starlings and solar powered options require little maintenance. However, similarly to visual scare devices, you must reposition these lights and mirrors around your property frequently for them to be effective.

How Not To Get Rid Of Birds

When trying to remove birds from your property, it’s crucial that you do so in a way that complies with the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act. This means you cannot use any poisons or adhesives that kill, injure or capture wildlife.

You must find a method that is effective and humane, which is why many people prefer to hire a pest control company. A proper pest control company will be able to humanely remove the birds from your property, relocate them and set up proper exclusion methods to ensure birds don’t return.

Terminix Canada Knows How To Get Rid Of Birds  

Terminix Canada has been effectively, efficiently and affordable removing birds from homes and businesses across the country for over 90 years.

Our three-step bird removal system works by first inspecting the infestation. Then we devise a unique removal plan we then implement to get birds out and keep them out. If birds come back, so do we. Trust Terminix Canada to alleviate your pest problems properly so you can safely enjoy your space.