The Best Way To Get Rid Of Ants This Spring

The daffodils are blooming, the sun is shining, and kids are out and about playing in the road. All sure-fire signs that Spring has sprung! With all the excitement of a sunny Spring day after a long, harsh winter, it can be easy to forget about all the other pesky critters who are also embracing the warm weather. In particular, if you look closely, you may just see a single file line of ants making their way into your home to see what’s for lunch.

More than just having to worry about the little mooches raiding your pantry or the general ick factor that ants may bring; some breeds of ants can pose actual risk to the structural integrity of your home. Not only will carpenter ants make your house their home, they’ll actually tunnel through the wood of your home, causing massive problems later on.

So, what can you do to stop them? If you’re wondering what the best way to get rid of ants is, keep reading. We have some of the best tips to help prevent an ant infestation in your home. If it’s too late for prevention and you’re ready for ant removal, Terminix Canada can help. Our expert team of local ant exterminators can help identify the particular species plaguing your home and implement effective, affordable and humane pest control solutions to get rid of ants and keep them gone.

The Best Way To Get Rid Of Ants? Keep The Sweets Away

Similar to a class of kindergartners, individual ant species have taste buds that vary greatly. However, just like these tiny tots, you can bet that ants of all species enjoy a sweet treat and can be very motivated to sniff it out. That’s why you have to take extra care in the warmer months to clean up juice spills or cookie crumbs. Yes, even if these spills happen outside.

Otherwise you’re inviting ants into your living space and encouraging them to hang out. Keep your food stored away in tightly sealed containers somewhere cool and dry unless you want ants to set up shop in your pantry looking for their next meal.

Block Off Entry Points

While a hole might seem too tiny to bother sealing up, remember how tiny ants are. They can slip through even the tiniest of openings, such as a crack in a window sill or small openings for pipes and wires. Pick up your caulking gun and get to work locking down your home like Fort Knox, because if you can see the crack, then odds are that an ant can use it as a path into your home.

This tip is the most important one if you want to get rid of ants in your home and keep them out for good. Any exterminator that you call will have the same advice, so you might as well take the precaution and do it first.

Cleaning Up After Your Pets Will Help You Get Rid Of Ants

We’d never suggest getting rid of your pets of course, but it is crucial that you get rid of their mess to prevent an ant infestation. Your pooch and their mess could be the number one reason you have ants living in your home. If your pet is a messy eater, leaving behind food scraps or crumbs, they’re likely an ant’s best friend. The combination of water and food crumbs create the perfect oasis for ants, and all of the mess is right there on the floor, making it incredibly easy for ants to access.

Pave over the ant paradise by storing your pet food in plastic containers and wiping up any mess left by their food bowls once they’ve eaten. This will help you get rid of ants while preventing Fido from getting a mouthful of them next time he takes a bite.

Keep Your Baby’s Feeding Station Clean And Tidy

Similarly, to your pets, your baby might just be next on an ants’ best friends list. Especially when they are young and still eating at their high chairs. Make sure to thoroughly wipe down their tray and anywhere else they’ve left a mess behind. Sweet, soft foods such as baby food make for a perfect meal for hungry ants.  

Still Need Help? Calling The Professionals Is The Best Way To Get Rid Of Ants

Prevention is always the best course of action when it comes to pest control. However, if that has failed, it’s not too late. Terminix Canada is ready and waiting to help you get rid of your ant infestation for once and all. From Carpenter ants to Pharaoh ants, we have the expertise and dedication to rid your home of any insect infestation without fail.

Looking for the best ant removal services across Canada? Look no further! Call Terminix Canada right now for a free consultation and say adios to those pesky ants.