How to Choose the Best Exterminator: A Guide for Canadian Homeowners

As a Canadian homeowner, encountering unwanted pests in and around your property can be distressing. For individuals encountering an infestation for the first time, it can be challenging to determine whom to contact to ensure the job gets done right. Unfortunately, not all pest control teams are created equal so it’s important to properly vet the exterminators coming to your home. To help you make an informed decision we’ve compiled a list of things to consider and important questions you should ask a pest control company before booking.


  1. Verify that the exterminator is licensed by your provincial government
  2. Check for membership in organizations like the National Pest Management Association (NPMA)
  3. Check online reviews on platforms such as Google and Homestars
  4. Ask if they provide upfront pricing and guarantee the success of their work
  5. Inquire about the exterminator’s experience with the specific pest problem you’re facing
  6. Look for professionals who prioritize integrated pest management (IPM) practices

Is The Pest Control Specialist Government-Licensed?

One of the first things to check when choosing an exterminator is whether they are government-licensed. In Canada, reputable pest control specialists must adhere to specific regulations and standards set by local authorities. A valid license ensures that the exterminator has received proper training and possesses the necessary skills to handle pest control responsibly. These requirements vary from province to province. Therefore, it’s a good idea to check what is required in your area.

For example, in Ontario, all pest control professionals must have a valid Exterminator License to comply with the Pesticides Act and Ontario Regulation 63/09. Ontario exterminator licences are valid for five years from the date of issue. 

Is the Exterminator A Member Of Any Professional Pest Extermination Associations?

Membership in professional pest extermination associations indicates a commitment to industry standards and ongoing education. Reputable organizations, such as the National Pest Management Association (NPMA), provide resources and guidelines for pest control professionals. Choosing an exterminator affiliated with such associations ensures that the specialist stays informed about the latest industry developments and employs best practices in pest management.

Do they Have Positive Online Reviews?

In today’s digital age assessing an exterminator’s reputation is just a click away. Check online platforms like Google, Yelp, Homestars and Better Business Bureau for customer reviews. A high overall rating is a strong sign of reliability and the business’s ability to meet customer expectations consistently. You may also want to look for reviews that reference the specific services you require. 

Do they Provide Upfront Pricing?

Reputable pest control businesses will offer upfront pricing, providing a detailed breakdown of all charges including the inspection and possible treatments. Be wary of businesses with vague pricing structures and opt for a service provider who takes the time to clarify all costs, fostering trust and confidence in their services. Choosing an exterminator with upfront pricing also ensures that you can make an informed purchase decision that aligns with your budget. 

Do they Guarantee Success?

The best pest control professionals will demonstrate confidence in their services by offering a satisfaction guarantee or warranty. This generally means that if the treatment fails and the pests return the exterminator will come back and deal with the issue free of charge. This guarantee not only showcases the exterminator’s dedication to achieving effective results but also provides you with the peace of mind that they stand behind their work. Make sure to ask about the details of any guarantee or warranty so you have a full understanding of the scope of coverage and any conditions that may apply. 

Are They Experienced With Your Specific Pest Issue?

Not all pests are the same, and different species require unique treatments. When selecting an exterminator, inquire about their experience with the specific pest issue you’re facing. Whether it’s rodents, insects, or wildlife, a seasoned exterminator will have the knowledge and expertise to address your particular situation effectively. Ask for references or case studies related to similar pest problems to gauge their success rate.

Pest Control Expert Talking to Customer

What Are the Treatment Options?

A reliable exterminator should offer a range of treatment options tailored to your needs. Effective pest control involves more than just spraying chemical deterrents; it requires a comprehensive approach that considers the severity of the infestation, potential health risks, and environmental impact. A good exterminator will discuss the available treatment options, explaining the pros and cons of each. 

Look for professionals who prioritize integrated pest management (IPM) practices. This is a holistic pest control strategy that seeks to address the root cause of pest infestations, instead of just treating the symptoms. IPM can yield comprehensive, long-term results with minimal use of toxic chemicals. If a company suggests treating the symptoms of an infestation without addressing the root of the problem (how the pests entered the home in the first place) they are not providing a quality service and the problem will likely return in no time.

All of Rentokil Terminix’s pest control specialists are trained to create organic IPM solutions.  

Do They Communicate Clearly and Respectfully?

Communication is key when it comes to hiring an exterminator. The best specialists take the time to explain their findings, proposed treatments, and any necessary follow-up measures in a clear and respectful manner. Clear communication builds trust and ensures that homeowners are well-informed throughout the pest control process. Consider the responsiveness and professionalism of the exterminator when evaluating their services.

In summary, the best exterminators are fully licensed, members of accredited associations, have experience with your specific pest issue, provide multiple treatment options and are strong communicators. With all this in mind you can make an informed decision that safeguards your home and family from unwanted pests. Remember, a proactive and knowledgeable approach to pest control is the key to maintaining a pest-free home in the long run.

All of Rentokil Terminix’s pest control experts are fully licensed, certified, and held to the highest professional standards possible. We are part of the National Pest Management Association, Canadian Pest Management Association, QualityPro, and the Structural Pest Management Association of Ontario, among other provinces. We are proud to have provided Canadian homeowners with quality pest control services for over 90 years!

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