DIY Pest Control Is More Difficult Than You’d Think

Bugs are small and you’re large, relatively. So, there should be no question to who comes out on top if you decide to go toe-to-toe (toe-to-antenna?) with household pests that have invaded your home.

But much like anyone with a laptop thinking they can be a successful blogger, nothing is as easy as it seems. Otherwise we’d be out of business, replaced by homeowners/part-time pest control exterminators.

Solving your pest problem on your own is an appealing prospect. In theory, it will save you money as a couple of sprays or pest-bombs cost much less than hiring a pest control company. Not to mention, it saves you time researching, calling and vetting different pest control companies to ensure the one you hire is effective. Luckily for you, you can learn more about how to properly vet a pest control company before hiring them here.

Some aspects of DIY pest control are good for homeowners to start with, particularly preventative strategies but for a complete, diligent job in eliminating large infestations, you’ll need a professional pest control company.

Do-It-Yourself Mice Control  

The problem with DIY pest control is that often times, it simply doesn’t work. You may be able to catch a mouse with a trap or kill some ants using ant bait. But ultimately, this won’t solve the bigger problem, an infestation.

If you’ve seen a mouse in your house, chances are you have many mice. A female mouse reaches sexual maturity after only 35 days and will average eight litters a year. Each of those litters will average six offspring. Now let’s say just half of the baby mice from a litter are female. In a mere 35 more days, you’ll have another three female mice giving birth to 48 baby mice each a year. Yikes! You’re very quickly going to need more traps.

In order to effectively rid your home of pests, you need to first figure out how they’ve gotten into your house in the first place. Otherwise you’ll just be playing catch-up with your pest infestations instead of preventing the problem in the first place. For every mouse you catch, another will have snuck in through a crack or hole in your walls or foundation.

Do-It-Yourself Termite Control

Another good example is termites. The actual problem with termiticides from your local hardware store is that they’re TOO effective to be effective.

Termites that come in contact with termite bait won’t survive, but they’ll die so fast that they’ll be unable to make the journey home, and the termiticides will never reach the colony. And with colonies reaching upwards of tens of thousands strong, they’re a resilient bunch that’ll need more than a poison nugget or two to overcome.

This doesn’t factor in the general high costs of termite bait, or the costs to your home’s foundation if your DIY termite control solution is ineffective.

Bug Baits And Sprays

Whether you’re fighting an ant infestation or cockroach colony, you’ll find endless choice of baits and sprays to bear arms with.

They seem to be felicitous bug-squishing equipment: No odors, no mess, no chemical exposure, targeted placements. Admittedly, there are a lot of products with great ingredients in them.

But the majority of DIY bug control products are one-fifth, maybe up to one-half, the strength of what a professional pest control company will use for a pest problem. Plus, you get the added assurance that they’ll get the job done correctly, and you don’t have to get near gross bugs.

Baits typically come in small, containerized housings that look neat and tidy on your floor, but don’t kill as many bugs as you’d hope. If you’re dead set on DIY pest control, consider sprays over baits for a more flexible and effective solution.

There Is No Such Thing As Universal Pest Control

Simply put, different pests require different tactics to remove them from your home. What is used to remove and prevent raccoons in your attic will not work for ants. But more importantly, and more often overlooked are similar looking species that require different treatments, such as flying ants and termites. Or mice and rats. Every pest is unique in their behaviour and habits. Therefore the best pest removal system is an integrated pest management system that is tailored to the specific pest.

DIY Pest Control Can Actually Cost More

At the end of the day, until you actually deal with the source of the infestation, you’ll be putting a band-aid on a bullet hole. Not only will you have to try a few different solutions before you find one that works, which will waste money. You’ll also have to continue to repurchase the solution every time a new pest gets caught in your eyeline.

As well, with certain pests such as termites, it’s important that you get them out of your house right now. Certain pests can cause serious damage to your property, home and foundation. In these cases, pest infestations aren’t just an annoyance, they can turn into a serious safety hazard that cost thousands to fix.

DIY Pest Control Can Be Dangerous

Many store-bought pest solutions contain dangerous substances and chemicals. While these solutions may not be as effective as professional ones, they can actually cause much more damage. Improper use of these chemicals can be a serious hazard to you and your family’s health. If you have small children or pets, it’s really not a good idea to mess around with pest control substances. Do not even try to use substances you have to leave on the ground such as traps or baits.

Using these products improperly can also can serious harm to the environment. Once you spray a solution or lay a toxic trap, it eventually needs to be disposed of. By just washing away the solution or throwing it into a regular trash bin, you’re exposing humans, animals and the environment to these toxins.

Don’t rely on ineffective and potentially harmful products to manage the integrity of your home. Instead contact the professional pest control specialists at Terminix. For over 90 years, our specialists have offered effective and affordable pest control solutions all over Canada. Whether you need help with your residential property or your commercial one, trust Terminix for the job.