How to Identify a Carpenter Ant Infestation?

Carpenter ants are notorious for the damage they do to homes across Canada and all of North America! These relentless creatures can cause significant damage to wooden structures within your home if left unchecked. Identifying a carpenter ant infestation early on is crucial to prevent further damage and protect your home. Read on to learn […]

How to Find a Wasp or Hornet Nest

Summary:  What’s the difference between wasps, hornets and bees? Hornets – A hornet is a large type of wasp known for its size and aggressive nature. Wasps – Wasps have sleek and smooth bodies with flashy black and yellow stripes. The most common Canadian wasps include hornets, yellow jackets, mud daubers and paper wasps.  Bees […]

How to Dine Wasp Free this Summer?

Canada is home to hundreds of species of wasps that are most active from April through September. Unfortunately, this coincides with perfect patio seasons leaving many homeowners annoyed with these uninvited guests. Read on to discover our best tips on how to dine wasp free this summer! Summary:  How to identify wasps  Risks wasps pose […]

The Risks of Bird Feeders 

Backyard bird feeders can attract beautiful birds and help us feel closer to nature, a rare opportunity for those of us who live in cities. However, bird feeders can also be harmful to both humans and birds if not properly cared for. It is important to understand how to minimize these risks if you want […]

How To Get Rid Of Bugs On Plants Naturally

Buying houseplants brighten up any home, adding a splash of colour and helping to purify the air. But when those beautiful plants bring in pesky bugs, that’s a huge problem! If you’re wondering how to get rid of bugs on plants, and looking to go the green route, then keep reading! How To Get Rid […]

The Most Venomous Spiders In Ontario

So you want to read about the most venomous spiders in Ontario. If you suffer from arachnophobia, reader discretion is advised! In short, no pest elicits the same kind of fear and revulsion that spiders do. With their spindly legs, multitude of eyes, and venomous bite, they’re nature’s favourite little nightmare machines. But luckily, we […]


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