The Risks of Bird Feeders 

Backyard bird feeders can attract beautiful birds and help us feel closer to nature, a rare opportunity for those of us who live in cities. However, bird feeders can also be harmful to both humans and birds if not properly cared for. It is important to understand how to minimize these risks if you want […]

Pest Control For Restaurants: Cockroaches

Pest control for restaurants is important. These services are a necessity for any establishment looking to safeguard their reputation and public image. Customers fleeing your restaurant in a heebie-jeebie induced panic should prove enough inspiration to contact a restaurant exterminator right away. If not, then health inspections ought to offer plenty of motivation.  In short, […]

Are Bathroom Bugs Hurting Your Business?

What is your business doing to combat bathroom bugs? It doesn’t matter whether you’re running a retail store, a restaurant, a hotel, or a recreational facility. If customers or guests witness a pest infestation while visiting your premises, make no mistake – it will hurt your business. The problem, of course, is that bathrooms are […]

The Importance Of Pest Control In Pharmaceutical Plants

If you are responsible for the operations of a production plant, then it’s crucial that you understand the importance of pest control. Furthermore, you must be on top of your pest control management in order to maintain the quality of your product and save the plant money. An infestation could cost you a fortune in […]

How Effective Is Biological Pest Control?

In the words of Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn, there’s always a bigger fish. Nature is filled with natural predators and prey. This fact is the core theory behind one of the most creative forms of pest control – biological pest control, or bio pest control for short. In essence, biological pest control gets rid of […]

Bed Bug Infestations On The Rise In Hospitals & Other Healthcare Facilities

Dealing with a bed bug infestation is already a total drag. It’s inconvenient. It’s itchy. And it can be very expensive and time-consuming to treat. However, when you are laid up in a hospital, you’re already dealing with discomfort. You’re stuck with an IV, you’re eating awful food, the beds feel like they’re made of […]

Wondering How To Get Rid Of Birds? Our Best Bird Removal Tips

It might seem funny to some to read a blog on how to get rid of birds when there are so many people looking for tips online to attract birds to their bird feeders and other bird amenities. For many, birds are seen as beautiful, elusive friends whose songs compliment your afternoon activities perfectly. We […]


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