Beware These Dangerous Bugs This Spring

Your first reaction when the sun finally emerges from the cold, grey winter sky to melt away the snow is probably to cry tears of joy. Few know the true joy that comes with the start of spring like Canadians. Unfortunately, these dangerous bugs were also waiting for their perfect time to shine.

For every flower we must have rain. Everything is dual natured after all, including springtime. As you frolic through the greenery and skip past the clouds of midges, remember to keep a lookout for these dangerous bugs that like to make a comeback around the same time that the sun does.

Why Ants Can Be Dangerous Bugs

Ants enjoy a good frolic as much as anyone else. Their impressive navigational systems also make it easy for them to return to any place they deem worthy, even if that place is your home. What makes them especially trouble is the fact that they do in swarms, often in or around your home.

One of the more common problematic ants in Canada, the carpenter ant, is capable of causing structural damage to your home. Additionally, the odorous house ant, which seems annoying but harmless, can contaminate your food. Lastly, we have the fire ant, a tiny ant that can pack a painful sting if provoked or feeling cornered.

The House Fly – An Annoying, But Also Dangerous Bug

We all know house flies are one of the most maddening and repulsive pests that make your house their home in springtime. Seemingly coming out of nowhere, your house can quickly go from fly-free to a buzzing hive of house flies that are impossible to trap or deter. If flying around your face and buzzing in your ear wasn’t bad enough, house flies can actually be dangerous. They feed on filth, such as food or animal waste and then land on your surfaces and food, which can spread some very serious diseases.

Earwigs – Dangerous Bug Or Just Plain Gross?

Earwigs are the fuel of children’s nightmares everywhere. Also, the reason no one likes to leave their shoes outside, but are they a dangerous bug? Not to humans but can cause serious harm to your plants as they like to feed on your flowers, vegetables and any other greenery you have. You’re likely to spot earwigs wandering around at night or in damp areas during the day, hence the inside of your shoes making the perfect hiding spot for them.

Quite simply put, their appearance is enough to deter most people from wanting them anywhere near your living space.

Wasps – Likely The Most Dangerous Bug On The List

This one is an easy one to answer. Wasps are not your friends, especially if you happen to be allergic to them. If they perceive you as a threat to them or their hive, even if you’re just innocently standing there, they will attack. Unlike bees, wasps can sting you multiple times, causing serious damage.

On top of that, when a wasp stings you, it doesn’t just hurt a whole bunch, it also releases a hormone telling the rest of their colony that you are the enemy and they should also attack. Want to know what’s worse than one wasp sting? A whole colony of wasp stings.

Spiders – A Dangerous Bug Or A Hideous Helper?

Spiders and their webs may seem quite gross and rather scary – they do have eight legs and many teeny tiny eyeballs after all, but they’re often more helpful than harmful. At least the ones you typically find in your home are. Cellar spiders, daddy-longlegs, wolf spiders, and other common house spiders are harmless to humans. Thanks to the rich diet of insects spiders eat, when they stay hidden and out of the way, can actually help keep the eco system of your home under control and other pests at bay.

The only spiders that you need to seriously watch out for in Canada are two species of venomous spider which can cause serious pain and require medical attention. These spiders are the brown recluse or black widow. Even still, unless you accidentally brush up against them or get caught in a web, these spiders are more likely to flee than bite.

Termites – This Dangerous Bug Is Your Home’s Worst Enemy

Termites are not a threat to you directly, but they are a serious threat to your home, which still feels personal. They’re one of the most common springtime pests in some areas of the world, and probably the most destructive. They can live either in the ground or in your home, feeding on the cellulose found in wood and wood by-products. The National Pest Management Association actually estimates that termites cause a whopping $5 billion in property damage every year. Yikes!

Dangerous Bugs Stand No Change To Terminix Canada

If any of the above dangerous bugs have infiltrated your home, and by extension, your nightmares, then it’s time to call in the pros! Don’t let these pests pester you this spring, Terminix Canada can help rid your home of unwanted intruders for good.