Beware The Brown Recluse Spider

The brown recluse spider is much like its reclusive human counterpart. It’s an unfriendly, unhinged sort that will happily seclude itself from the world.

Rather worryingly however, the brown recluse spider is still small enough to be comfortably hidden and nestled in your home.

Armed, Dangerous, And Intent On Being Left Alone

The brown recluse spider isn’t usually out on the prowl. But consider these eight-legged-loners lock, stock, and smoking barrel if they’re disturbed or feel threatened. Much like you when you’re unwittingly throwing on a pair of pants they’ve inhabited.

The Aftermath Of A Brown Recluse Spider Bite

A brown recluse spider bite contains venom, filled with a complex collection of enzymes. This causes hemolysis; characterized as the rupturing of blood cells. Bites can lead to fever, convulsions, itching, nausea, muscle pain, and in extreme cases, necrosis (the death of living cells). Necrosis involves painful, purple and black, ulcerous, slow-healing wounds.

Needless to say, these anti-social arachnids aren’t in the business of making friends.

What Is The Average Brown Recluse Size?

An adult brown recluse spider is typically 1/4 to 1/2 inches long. As the name suggests, these spiders are brown to tan in colour. Moreover, a brown recluse spider’s legs are smooth and the same colour as its body.

Brown Recluse Spider Found! What Brown Recluse Locations Have Been Revealed In Canada?

The brown recluse spider’s roots lie in the south central regions of the United States. While the spider’s presence in Canada is often debated, there have been countless bite cases cited throughout the country. Similar to a nomadic drifter who plays by their own rules, brown recluse spiders sneakily find their way to the Great White North. They’ve been known to infiltrate cargo vessels shipping goods into Canada from the United States.

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire and where there’s spider bites, there’s spiders. The strength of any recluse (spider or human) is stealth. More common than not, you won’t find anyone who doesn’t wish to be found.

All Artists Are Recluses

Many virtuoso violinists are known for their strange, anti-social behaviour. A lack of understanding of the outside world is part of being an artist, right?

Similarly, the brown recluse spider has violin-shaped markings on top of their cephalothorax (fused head and thorax). These point towards their bulbous abdomen. This is why the brown recluse spider is often called the violin spider too.

The violin-like markings have unique intensities that vary with age. Older brown recluse spiders have darker violin shapes. For their younger siblings‚ the markings are brighter.

How To Spot And Where To Find A Brown Recluse Web

Consistent with their oddball nature, the brown recluse spider builds irregular webs. These webs are usually found in woodpiles, sheds, closets, garages, cellars, and airflow systems. They shelter themselves from the rest of the world within the confines of disorderly thread.

Once they’ve snuck into your home, they’ll construct their avant-garde webs in cardboard. This mimics the rotting tree bark they typically inhabit. They’re also found inside shoes, dressers, seldom-used bed sheets, and work gloves.

What Brown Recluse Spider Bite Treatment Exists?

A brown recluse spider bite is rare and seldom kills people. When bites do take place however, it’s important to know what to do next.

You should contact poison control if you are ever bit by a venomous spider and seek medical attention too.

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