Are spiders attracted to light? 

Canadian spiders are mostly harmless and generally don’t pose a risk to our health, despite this, these creepy crawlies still make many people uncomfortable. One common misconception is that spiders are attracted to light in the same way that insects are, likely because spider webs are often seen illuminated by lamposts or porch lights at night. However, spiders are also famous for hiding in dark corners, so which one is it? Are spiders attracted to light or not? 

Quick Answer: Are spiders attracted to light? 

Most spiders are not attracted to light itself but, instead, are attracted to light because it attracts the insects that they prey on. However, some nocturnal spiders will use light to help them navigate and hunt their prey. Others, need to get enough sunlight to make their webs nice and strong. 

To learn more about which spiders are attracted to light and how to deter them from your property read on. 

Did you know?
Spiders are not insects but a completely separate group called arachnids! Insects are defined by their six legs and three distinct body segments, whereas spiders have eight legs and only two body segments.

What types of spiders are attracted to light?

Some spiders are active during the day (diurnal) while others are active at night (nocturnal) this affects their relationship with light. 

Diurnal spiders are not attracted to lighting fixtures as they operate during the day when light is abundant. They do however need exposure to the UV light that the sun provides, this has been shown to strengthen the silk they build their webs out of. Without enough UV exposure, these spiders will spin weak webs that are poor at catching their prey. 

Nocturnal spiders sometimes use the moon or stars to navigate and find their prey, however in urban areas artificial lights can confuse and disorient them. They still sometimes use these artificial lights to try and navigate their hunting. They are also incentivized to hunt near lights because they attract all sorts of prey like mosquitos, moths and flies. Most spiders that are found in Canadian homes are nocturnal and are most active after sunset. 

Spider at Dusk

Do LED lights attract spiders?

As mentioned above spiders are not directly attracted to LED lights however they may hang out near them to hunt other insects that are attracted to the light. If you’re trying to keep insects and spiders off your property try switching to warm or yellow-toned LED bulbs. They are the least attractive type of light to insects and in turn will also attract fewer spiders.

Spider in Home

How to Keep Spiders Out of Your House

Spiders are a common household pest that can cause fear and discomfort for many people. Fortunately, there are several steps you can take to prevent spiders from entering your home and keep them at bay.

Prevent Insects: Keeping your home free of other insects is the best way to discourage spiders from invading your home. Spiders tend to live where their food is, so eliminating the food source will reduce the spider population. 

Seal Cracks: Spiders often enter homes through cracks or gaps, keeping your windows and doors closed and properly sealed will help stop them from entering. Seal or caulk any cracks or gaps in your foundation.

Clean: Keeping your home clean and dusted will eliminate many nesting places for spiders and help prevent other insects that spiders like to hunt. Removing spider webs from your home can also help discourage spiders from returning.

Proper Humidity: If you have a consistently humid home a dehumidifier can help reduce the excess moisture making the space less appealing to spiders.

Turn Outdoor Lights Off: Outdoor lights are a hotspot for insects and spiders looking for their next meal. 

Did you know?
Most spiders have 6 or 8 eyes to help them detect movement around them, but ironically, even with all those eyes most spiders are near-sighted!

When to Call a Professional

Spiders act as natural pest control by eating other unwanted creepy crawlies so keeping one or two around is not always a bad idea. However, if you are dealing with numerous spiders or they are intruding on the calm of your home it’s time to call in professional spider exterminators. 

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