10 Nightmare-ish Facts About Bed Bugs

Canada is known to be a country that gets very, very cold winters in many of its provinces and territories. Naturally, these harsh conditions turn our beds into fortresses of solitude. We bundle ourselves in warm and toasty blankets, shielded from the frigid Fahrenheit plaguing the winter months.

Sadly, we have some bad news for our bed-loving brethren. Winter doesn’t slow bed bugs down. They actually like cozying up in your bed as much as you do, and your one safe space may not be so safe after all.

Here’s what you need to know about the foul beasts who dare to sully our sleep.

Bed Bug Fact #1 – They Are Worthy Of Night Terrors

There’s a reason why your parents told you not to let the bed bugs bite. It wasn’t simply platitude, but a genuine cry of concern. These harbingers of horror love the darkness, and are mostly active during the night time, feeding fruitfully whilst you slumber.

Bed Bug Fact #2 – They Have A Keen Fashion Sense

Bed bugs will happily harbour in your Hilfiger jeans and Helly Hansen jacket. Most bed bug infestations occur after people come back from vacation, having picked up an unwanted passenger in their clothing or in your luggage during their trip. This is how bed bugs are capable of traveling such long distances!

Bed Bug Fact #3 – They Fear Nothing

There’s an ongoing myth that bed bugs are scared of light, but it’s completely unfounded. It’s true that they prefer the dark, but they will still bite when the lights are on. The heat and carbon dioxide emitted from our bodies are far too appetizing for bed bugs to resist.

Bed Bug Fact #4 – They Feed Off Chaos

One of the best bed bug prevention methods is decluttering. If your house belongs on Hoarders, you are primed for a bed bug infestation. They love using clutter as hiding spots.

So, it’s time to let go of your 25-year-old collection of 2L pop bottles. Come on, you weren’t going to reuse them!

Bed Bug Fact #5 – They Wouldn’t Thrive In The Arctic

While bed bugs can adapt under duress, there’s a limit to their durability. Scientists discovered that adult bed bugs can’t survive below -25°C. Having said that, we still can’t suggest taking your infested mattress on a scenic drive up north on any given January afternoon. We love the creativity though.

 Bed Bug Fact #6 – They Wouldn’t Do Well In The Desert Either

Extremely cold temperatures are proven to kill bed bugs, but they also can’t survive on the opposite side of the thermometer.  Bed bugs that are exposed to 48°C or higher will die in a mere 20 minutes.  Don’t pack your bags moving to the hottest parts of the world just yet.  There are easier ways utilizing heat to prevent bed bugs besides setting up a shack in Death Valley.  The use of steam is a tried and proven method to roast away both bed bugs and their eggs.

Bed Bug Fact #7 – They Have A Culinary Curiosity

Bed bugs are low maintenance when it comes to living accommodations, not limiting themselves to your mattress, clothing, or other furniture. They’ll happily inhabit your kitchen appliances as well. Given their preference of heat and darkness, a recently turned-off oven is as luxurious as a stay at the Ritz Carlton.

Bed Bug Fact #8 – They Are (Disgusting) Creatures Of Habit

The feeding patterns of bed bugs are about as predictable as your life has become in lockdown. And their choice to live under our mattress is a mere crime of convenience. Bed bugs will nest as near to food sources (e.g. humans) as possible, feasting on their blood for up to 10 minutes at a time.

Bed Bug Fact #9 – They Are Dedicated To The Cause

Bed bugs have a passion for feeding, and they’ll slog it out just for one bite if they have to. While their preference is to live under a mattress in the name of limited effort, these menaces will travel up to 30 metres to feed. When your average height is 5-6mm, 30 meters is quite the commute‚ especially in this weather!

Bed Bug Fact #10 – They Have Child-Bearing Hips

A female bed bug lays about 200 to 500 eggs over her lifetime, which results in 1 to 5 new bed bugs a day. If you don’t keep a watch on cracks and crevices where bed bugs and their eggs could hide, you might find yourself sucked dry in the middle of the night!

Think about those stats and then apply it to your hypothetically infested mattress and bed frame. This should be enough motivation keep an eye out for any warning signs of bed bug infestations!

Your home could be a breeding ground for pests such as bed bugs during the winter months, and you must remain vigilant, keeping an eye out for any warning signs of a bed bug problem. Or you can always hire a professional pest control company, such as Terminix Canada, for expert bed bug detection and extermination

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