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How To Get Rid Of Birds – Nuisance Bird Removal Tips

It might seem funny to some to read a blog on how to get rid of birds when there are so many people looking for tips online to attract birds to their bird feeders and other bird amenities. For many, birds are seen as beautiful, elusive friends whose songs compliment your afternoon activities perfectly. We […]

Mosquito Control & Why Bats Aren’t The Answer

Everyone loves summer, but you’d be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t gripe about mosquitos, wishing we had some form of effective mosquito control, while sitting outside enjoying a beautiful summer evening. Whether it’s the sound of them buzzing in your ears that you can’t stand or their itchy bites keeping you up all […]

Prevent A Wasp Nest On Your Property

There is nothing worse than trying to enjoy a beautiful afternoon in the backyard, just to be taken out of your rest and relaxation to swat away buzzing wasps. The problem is, you can’t have summer without having wasps, so to a certain extent you’ll have to learn to live with them. However, you don’t […]

Lost And Found: The World’s Biggest Bee

The world’s biggest bee, huh? If you’re staring at the title of this blog post and are quivering in your boots, we don’t blame you. The sheer thought of a gigantic bee buzzing anywhere near you or your property is the stuff of sleepless nights! But if you’re brave enough to continue reading, this Terminix […]


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