Our expert pest management team is dedicated to delivering permanent pest extermination solutions, ensuring you can once again revel in the joy of your space without the discomfort of unwanted pests. Bid farewell to squirms, shrieks, and jumps – let Terminix Vancouver be the hero your property deserves!


Effective Pest Extermination Services & Rodent Control Since 1927

Your search for a trusted pest exterminator in Vancouver ends here. With over nine decades of expertise, Terminix Canada has been assisting home and business owners in eliminating bothersome pests and eradicating rodents like raccoons, mice, squirrels, skunks, flies and more. From bed bugs to silverfish, our knowledgeable and experienced pest management team is at your service 24×7. We prioritize using proven and advanced extermination methods to deliver the results you anticipate. 

Common Pests In Vancouver

In Vancouver, human encounters with pests are frequent due to the city’s proximity to nature and the outdoors. Raccoons and skunks are particularly common visitors, as they often venture into suburban areas in search of food and shelter. When pest and wildlife intrudes into your Vancouver home or business, humane wildlife control becomes essential.

Beyond the wildlife control and rodent control challenges, Vancouver’s relatively mild winters, attractive to tourists seeking winter sun, also create an environment where pests can thrive. Our exterminators specialize in controlling and removing a variety of local pests, including bed bugs, carpenter ants, cockroaches, house mice, Norway rats, spiders, and more.

We recognize the impact pests can have on businesses, such as a cockroach sighting in a Burrard Street restaurant tarnishing its public image. Similarly, discovering a common house spider in your Surrey basement can be unsettling. Save yourself the hassle and contact our pest control services for swift and effective solutions.

I Need Pest Control Near Me. What Areas Does Terminix Canada Serve?

Our extermination team takes pride in serving homes and businesses across various locations in Metro Vancouver and its surrounding areas. Our pest control service areas encompass Abbotsford, Burnaby, Chilliwack, Coquitlam, Delta, Langley, Maple Ridge, Mission, and New Westminster. Furthermore, we extend our extermination services to North Vancouver, Pitt Meadows, Port Coquitlam, Port Moody, Richmond, Squamish, Surrey, Vancouver, West Vancouver, and White Rock. Ready to bid farewell to pests once and for all?

Dial 1-888-801-6348, share your situation, and let us tailor the pest control program that suits your needs.

Why Choose Terminix Pest Control Vancouver?

Terminix Canada has built a strong reputation in the pest control industry, serving Canada for over 90 years. Our government licensed technicians are skilled in proven pest management, control and extermination methods that not only eliminate pests but also prevent their reoccurrence. Experience peace of mind with Terminix Canada’s 24/7 pest control services in Vancouver. 

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Environmentally Friendly Pest Control Options

Pest Control Services We Provide In Vancouver

Vancouver Ant Control

Our pest control team specializing in ant control is skilled at exterminating various ant species found in Vancouver, including carpenter ants and pavement ants. When you require ant removal in Vancouver, count on our swift and efficient response.

Employing a range of effective methods such as ant baits, traps, gel-based pesticides, and interior/exterior ant sprays, we use proven ant-killing strategies to ensure effective results.

Contact us now for an affordable ant extermination quote and get year-round relief from ant infestations in Vancouver. 

pest control
Bed Bug Exterminator and Best Beg Removal Toronto

Bed Bug Exterminator Vancouver

Bed bugs are notorious for their ability to hide in cracks, crevices, and even electrical outlets, making it difficult to eliminate them without the expertise and tools that our professionals possess. Bed bugs pose a persistent problem in Vancouver, causing sleepless nights and stress for homeowners and businesses.

In Vancouver’s urban areas, their population has surged to epidemic proportions in just a few years. Don’t get fooled by DIY bed bug treatments! If you suspect bed bugs in your Vancouver residence, worry not, as our pest extermination team is here to provide you with reliable bed bug control services tailored to your needs. 

We utilize advanced techniques and treatments that target bed bugs at every life stage, ensuring comprehensive removal and preventing re-infestations. Choose the bed bug removal experts at Terminix Pest Control Vancouver and regain peace of mind in your home or business. Contact us today. 


Rodent Control Vancouver

Rodents like rats and mice pose a significant threat to both your health and property. These pests can transmit diseases such as hantavirus, leptospirosis, and salmonellosis through their droppings, urine, and bites.

Handling a rodent infestation on your own can be ineffective and potentially dangerous. This is where our professional pest control services excel. Our team of rodent control experts possesses the necessary knowledge, experience, and specialized tools to accurately assess the extent of the problem and implement targeted solutions.

With a deep understanding of rodent behavior and habits, we can develop customized strategies for effective rodent removal. Trust in Terminix Pest Control Vancouver to ensure a safe and pest-free environment

mice control

Cockroach Exterminator Vancouver

In Vancouver, the picturesque surroundings come with a downside – cockroach infestations. These resilient pests can disrupt your peace of mind, causing sleepless nights and raising health concerns. 

Terminix’s Vancouver branch specialize in professional cockroach extermination, ensuring 100% removal through safe and effective treatments. Designed to address the unique challenges of the local environment, our services not only eliminate existing cockroach infestations but also prevent future occurrences.

We dedicated pest control team prioritize your safety, employing environmentally friendly treatments that protect your health while eradicating cockroaches from your property. Call us now to get a free consultation. 


Cockroach Exterminator
Racoon Removal

Wildlife Control Vancouver

Secure your property against wildlife disruptions with our effective wildlife removal services in Vancouver. Our dedicated team specializes in the humane removal of various wildlife, including raccoons, skunks, and squirrels. Ensuring the safety of you, your family, and your business, we provide affordable wildlife removal solutions for both preventative measures and immediate assistance. As certified wildlife removal experts in Vancouver, we specialize in raccoon, squirrel, and skunk removal, offering expertise for a range of wildlife-related issues. Trust us for effective and humane wildlife removal services tailored to the unique challenges of Vancouver.

Vancouver Bird Control

At Terminix, we recognize the pressing need to address bird-related issues in Vancouver. Our comprehensive bird control and removal services are precisely crafted to tackle the unique challenges presented by birds in Vancouver. Our approach to bird control is both safe and humane, utilizing techniques that minimize harm to the birds and your property.

It’s important to note that many bird species like pigeons choose to reside near humans, finding protection from predators in our environment. Living in proximity to humans also grants them more opportunities to scavenge food from gardens, flowers, bird feeders, and littered food in parking lots or on patios.

Discover our range of proactive bird control and removal services, specially designed to eliminate avian nuisances from your property in Vancouver.

Spider extermination

Vancouver Spider Control

Spiders can be a source of nuisance, disrupting your daily life and peace of mind. However, worry not, as our spider control experts in Vancouver are here to help. We employ residual pesticides both inside and around your property to eliminate spiders for good. When you’re in need of a spider exterminator in Vancouver, opt for Terminix Canada. Get in touch today!

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Residential Pest Control
Built Your Way

Tried to trap pests and missed? Did another homemade bait fail? Save yourself the struggle and call our professionals instead. Get a pest-free home and peace of mind over property, family and health.

From apartments to cottages, we build tailor-made treatment plans to suit your needs. With Terminix Canada, there’s nowhere for pests to hide.

Commercial Pest Control That Fits Your Schedule

Pests kill reputations, but not if we get to them first! Safeguard your employees and your public image with an integrated pest control program built just for you.

Our customized Vancouver extermination services cause as minimum disruption to your daily operations as possible. From hotels to warehouses, your business can carry on at full speed as if nothing happened.

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We Won’t Rest Until We’ve Removed Every Last Pest

Pests don’t care about your home or business. So why suffer? Choose the Vancouver pest control specialists with over 20 years of experience.

For infestations big or small, we want to hear every detail. Simply tell us what happened and we’ll build the extermination program you need.


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