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Over the years, we’ve been asked a wide variety of questions about our pest extermination. Questions include everything from our pest control services themselves to our pricing and the products we use.

Terminix Canada is committed to providing you with the best pest control services possible. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of questions most asked by our highly valued customers. Our pest control technicians take great pride in helping each and every one of our customers find the solutions to the pest problems that affect them.

If you have a question for us that wasn’t included in our pest extermination FAQs, locate your nearest Terminix Canada branch and give them a call. Whatever your pest concerns, big or small, we’d love to hear from you.

Before Choosing Terminix Canada

There are many do-it-yourself options for pest control in businesses and homes. However, the complications that arise could prove to be too overwhelming. A tremendous amount of knowledge, training and preparation goes into treating pest problems in a safe and effective manner.

By hiring pest extermination professionals like Terminix Canada, this guarantees you receive the correct course of treatment. Not only that but it ensures you never jeopardize a building, property, or fellow tenants. We’ll help you identify the correct pest control solution, and choose the right course of precautionary action for future prevention. The materials employed are specific to each individual infestation and the environment. We always carry out pest control services in a safe way that produces long-lasting results.

Terminix Canada always tries to make the pest extermination process as simplistic and straightforward as possible. Our Pest Library assists you in identifying what type of pest is infesting your home or business. This valuable resource also offers tactics to help remove pests while preventing future infestations.

If you’ve tried researching the specific pest on our website already, and didn’t find what you’re looking for, locate your nearest Terminix Canada branch and give them a call. Our knowledgeable staff can either identify it over the phone, or arrange a free inspection that will assess the damage and behavioural patterns of the pest. After that, we’ll identify the source and provide recommendations for treatment solutions.

If the sounds you are hearing are light scratches and scurrying, either in your ceilings or walls, then the pests in your home are very likely to be mice. There are several ways of treating your home for mice on your own, or you can contact Terminix Canada to quickly treat these rodents and any offspring.

Pest treatment and pest management truly goes beyond simple pesticide applications. In order to get to the root of the problem, it is essential that thorough pest inspections take place throughout your home or business. An expert like Terminix Canada should always assess damage and problematic areas. They can point out what should be sealed off and what’s making your premises a hotspot for pests.

If your current pest control company has only been using pesticides, you should know they are just a reactive solution. Instead, Terminix Canada provides proactive solutions and Integrated Pest Management that truly gets results. Our teams know that pesticides are only useful when targeting a specific breed of pest. Pesticide use in the wrong situation often leads to pest problems escalating. That’s why we always devise unique pest control plans carefully designed to address your specific infestation.

Terminix Canada provides pest control services for all major pests that invade homes and businesses nationwide. Our Pest Library contains a list of all the pests we currently provide pest control services for. From birds to bugs to wildlife, we assess each infestation individually. We devise an environmentally safe removal solution that leaves as small of a footprint as possible. Regardless of how large or small your infestation is, our team of pest control technicians are knowledgeable and experienced problem solvers who’ve tackled every infestation imaginable.

Terminix Canada is way more than a pest control provider. Besides offering industry-leading solutions to treat ants, bed bugs and cockroaches, we offer much more. This includes our commercial disinfection services, dead animal removal service, humane wild animal control, and industrial pond netting service. That’s not all because we provide garbage chute cleaning, odour control solutions, and washroom care too. Consider us true defenders of your home or business. Visit our residential and commercial services sections to learn more about the additional services we provide.

When Using Terminix Canada

We use tried-and-tested methods of pest control to deliver the effective results you expect. If pests come back between treatments, so will we – at no extra cost. It’s all part of our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Stage 1: Examination – On your initial service, we’ll hunt high and low for pests, documenting our findings in a comprehensive inspection.

Stage 2: Pest Defence – We’ll treat the interior and exterior of your home, targeting the pests you see and the ones you don’t. Outside, we’ll establish an effective perimeter around your home or business.

Stage 3: Pest Monitoring – During ongoing service treatments, we’ll come back to treat the outside of your home or business, fortifying the perimeter to keep you protected. Our custom treatments adapt with the seasons to address seasonal pest activity in your area, giving you protection all year long.

Terminix Canada customers can either choose our Annual Pest Program or individual pest control services. For individual pest control services and commercial disinfection services, our pricing plans differ by province and local branch availability. For individual pest control service pricing, locate your nearest Terminix Canada branch and give them a call.

As for our Annual Pest Program, this includes one comprehensive interior and exterior inspection and treatment, and seasonal follow-up treatments. These can be scheduled either quarterly or bi-monthly depending on your requirements. To book our Annual Pest Program, visit our branch locator, find your nearest Terminix Canada branch and give them a call.

Rest assured, Terminix Canada practices humane pest control. Since our technicians handle larger species such as bats, opossums, raccoons and skunks, we remove wildlife like this in a safe, humane and environmentally friendly manner.

Our Integrated Pest Management ensures that we can safeguard you and your family from meddlesome animals wherever they turn up. From animal proofing to preventative and emergency wildlife removal, we remove, control and prevent the intrusion of wild animals in and around your home or business by sealing entry points.

Our humane approach to wild animal control leaves virtually no ecological footprint and ensures no stress or harm comes to any animal. Besides, it’s illegal to relocate wildlife in many areas, so our professional wildlife control teams will humanely remove and relocate wildlife in accordance with the law.

In order to prevent future problems, and manage any previous issues, pest control treatment should be applied in your home or business at regular intervals – no longer than twelve months. Shorter periods in between treatments are recommended for properties located in certain environmental conditions. Be sure to contact Terminix Canada in order to get a specific answer for your location. Remember, our Annual Pest Program includes seasonal exterior treatments for your home or business.

Spring – Spring is breeding season for many pest types. We’ll make sure you don’t have an infestation in development.

Summer – Summer heat means pest activity is high. We’ll have your home or businesses’ perimeter secure.

Fall – As temperatures drop, pests seek someplace warm. We’ll make sure your home or businesses’ barrier is ready.

Winter – Pests will be looking for all of the warmth and moisture they can find. We’ll make sure your home or business is protected.

Terminix Canada prides itself on taking care of home and business owners’ needs. This extends further than merely removing pests from your premises. Certain pests, like cockroaches, have the ability to trigger asthma and various health conditions due to the viruses they carry and transmit. With Terminix Canada, your health always comes first. With that in mind, our pest solutions are focused on removing any threat to our customers for better family health.

Before and after treating your pest problem, Terminix Canada does a diligent and thorough inspection for evidence and warning signs of any lingering pests. We are precise in removing any allergens that pests or wildlife leave behind. From feathers to droppings, we’ll remove it all!

Why Choose Terminix Canada?

Trust Pest Control Professionals
Terminix has over 90 years of experience with pest control, making us one of the oldest and most experienced companies in the country
Qualified Experts, Every Visit
Our trained, government-licensed pest exterminators will protect your home or business against pests
24/7 Around The Clock Support
Our emergency team is always available to service your home or business quickly!
We Push Industry Standards
Our QualityPro mark designates that our technicians ascribe to professional pest management standards that far exceed the requirements of provincial and federal regulations

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  • Lokesh Gaur ★★★★★ 4 months ago
    Terminix amazing service and very professional. They heard all issues and customized treatment as per our issues. Highly recommend their service.
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    Very impressed with the level of service we received. Extremely professional. Sound knowledge of the service provided. Explained the work outline clearly.
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    Gage and Marshall were extremely helpful and kind! Very fun to talk to and they’re efficient with their work. We’re very happy with our balcony netting!

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