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Terminix Canada’s Calgary pest control permanently removes pests so you can
love your space again. Squirm, shriek and jump no more.

Pest control calgary

When an infestation calls for pest control, hire an exterminator you can rely on from Terminix Canada. Our Alberta branch has helped countless home and business owners overcome their pest problems. If you’re experiencing sleepless nights worrying about bed bugs or disturbed days stressing over spiders, we are here to help. Our tried-and-tested methods of pest control will liberate your space.

Common Wildlife & Bugs In Calgary

Based between foothill and prairie, Calgary is a city experiencing a particular set of pest problems. Home to over 1.2 million people, Calgary’s close proximity to nature means Terminix Canada technicians are regularly called to handle pavement ants, house mice, squirrels, voles, wasps, and much more. Elsewhere, pocket gophers, also called moles, are rife in pastures and hayland throughout Alberta. Burrowing deep underground and destroying garden crops, plants, shrubs, trees and vines, these pesky rodents feed on roots as they dig. Rest assured, we can safeguard your home or agricultural business with professional extermination.

Elsewhere, did you know that Alberta is the only Canadian province that does not have any breeding rats? It’s also the largest inhabited area on Earth that is rat-free. Back in 1954, a government booklet stated: “Because rat invasion is threatening Alberta, we need to be properly organized and know what to do, in order to fight the battle successfully.” As they say, the rest is history with the province’s rat control program achieving rare indisputable results.

I Need Pest Control Near Me. What Are Your Service Areas?

Our exterminator team proudly services residential and commercial properties throughout the Calgary Metropolitan Region and beyond. Our areas of service include Airdrie, Bearspaw, Calgary, Chestermere, Cochrane, De Winton, Elbow Valley, High River, Lethbridge, Medicine Hat, Okotoks, Priddis, Springbank, and Strathmore.


To get rid of pests for good, call 1-403-262-1500, tell us what happened and we’ll build the extermination program you need.

Pest Control Services We Provide

Calgary Ant Control

Our ant control team eliminates all types of ants including carpenter ants and pavement ants. When you need ant removal, we respond quickly and efficiently. Using ant baits, ant traps, get-based ant pesticides and interior / exterior ant spray, these are proven ant killers.

Residential Ant Control

Commercial Ant Control

Calgary Bed Bug Control

Need help exterminating bed bugs? Our bed bug exterminators utilize products that keep you and your property safe. We combine different products for the best bed bug treatment in Canada. When you need a bed bug exterminator choose Terminix Canada.

Residential Bed Bug Control

Commercial Bed Bug Control


Calgary Bird Control

We offer several pre-emptive bird control and bird removal services to get rid of birds from your property. Our safe and humane bird control utilizes gentle techniques that cause no harm to birds or your property. Our bird relocation and bird deterrents get the results you expect.

Residential Bird Control

Commercial Bird Control


Calgary Cockroach Control

When cockroaches are causing sleepless nights, you need our cockroach control. We use safe chemical treatments to kill cockroaches. This minimizes the chance of a future cockroach infestation and ensures a secure and healthy environment. 

Residential Cockroach Control

Commercial Cockroach Control

Calgary Fly Control

We understand how annoying it is having an infestation of flies in your home or business. The housefly and fruit fly carry and spread diseases. That’s why our fly control and fly removal gets rid of all flies for good. Our housefly and fruit fly trap utilizes light for proper results.

Residential Fly Control

Commercial Fly Control


Calgary Rodent Control

Not only do rats and mice make people uncomfortable. They cause structural damage to homes and businesses too. We have over 20 years of experience in mice control and rat control in Ontario. We trap mice and rats fast and humanely for a complete solution.

Residential Rodent Control

Commercial Rodent Control


Calgary Spider Control

Spiders are a nuisance and disruptive to your daily life and peace of mind. But fear not, our spider control can help. We use residual pesticides inside and around your property to get rid of spiders for good. When you need a spider exterminator choose Terminix Canada.

Residential Spider Control

Commercial Spider Control


Calgary Wildlife Control

Preserve your property and keep wildlife out with our humane wildlife control. Whether you need raccoon removal or skunk removal, we’ll protect you from these meddlesome animals. From preventative to emergency wildlife control, we’re your go-to solution.

Residential Wildlife Control

Commercial Wildlife Controll Cockroach Control

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Residential Pest Control
Built Your Way

Tried to trap pests and missed? Did another homemade bait fail? Save yourself the struggle and call our professionals instead. Get a pest-free home and peace of mind over property, family and health.

From apartments to cottages, we build tailor-made treatment plans to suit your needs. With Terminix Canada, there’s nowhere for pests to hide.

Commercial Pest Control That Fits Your Schedule

Pests kill reputations, but not if we get to them first! Safeguard your employees and your public image with an integrated extermination program built just for you.

Our customized Calgary pest control causes as minimum disruption to your daily operations as possible. From hotels to warehouses, your business can carry on at full speed as if nothing happened.

Our Customers Drive Us To Succeed

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We've had great customer service provided by the technicians who visit the property. Friendly, trustworthy, and willing to go above and beyond.

All I can say is that they are very professional and effective. I am recommending them to any/everybody. The type of business where you get your money’s worth and more.

Myself and clients of mine have been using Brian Betts’ company for over 10 years… Great service.

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We Won’t Rest Until We’ve Removed Every Last Pest

Pests don’t care about your home or business. So why suffer? Choose the Calgary exterminators backed by over 40 years of experience.

For infestations big or small, we want to hear every detail. Simply tell us what happened and we’ll build the pest control program you need.


We are proud to provide pest control in the following areas.

Airdrie | Bearspaw | Calgary | Chestermere | Cochrane | De Winton | Elbow Valley | High River | Lethbridge | Medicine Hat | Okotoks | Priddis | Springbank | Strathmore

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