Terminix Canada permanently removes pests so you can love your space again. Squirm, shriek and jump no more. Trust Terminix Canada for your pest control solutions.

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Send Pests Packing With Our Pest Control & Extermination Services

Our expert government-licensed exterminators who are equipped with industry-leading treatments and cutting-edge pest control solutions to eliminate pests swiftly and hassle-free

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Residential Pest Control
Solutions Built Your Way

Tired of missed attempts at trapping pests or failed homemade baits? Save yourself the struggle and call our professional pest control services. Achieve a pest-free home and enjoy peace of mind concerning your property, family, and health.

Whether you’re in an apartment or a cottage, we customize pest treatment plans to suit your specific needs. With Terminix Canada, pests have nowhere to hide, ensuring a thorough and effective solution to your pest concerns.

Commercial Pest Control Services That Fit Your Schedule

Safeguard your business from reputational damage caused by pests. Our personalized pest control programs are designed to minimize disruption to your daily operations. From hotels to warehouses, we ensure your business runs smoothly, unaffected by pest-related concerns.

Act proactively and maintain a pest-free workspace with our integrated pest management solutions


Terminix Canada provides industry-leading commercial disinfection services. Disinfection companies are many but our team has the right tools and expertise to protect your customers, employees, and business.

Our Disinfectix™ by Terminix Canada technicians will safeguard your business from bacteria, germs and viruses like COVID-19. We use certified products with 24/7 support.


Terminix Canada can install automated hand sanitizer dispensers at your commercial premises.

We install automated hand sanitizer dispensers, refill gel hand sanitizer supplies, perform dispenser maintenance and perform annual battery maintenance for a complete solution. Put your customers, employees and business first with Terminix Canada.

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Branch Locator

With more than 30 branches across 10 Canadian provinces, you can count on Terminix Canada for all your pest management needs.
Find your nearest local pest control expert below.
Trust Pest Control Professionals
Terminix has over 90 years of experience with pest control, making us one of the oldest and most experienced companies in the country
Qualified Experts, Every Visit
Our trained, government-licensed pest exterminators will protect your home or business against pests
24/7 Around The Clock Support
Our emergency team is always available to service your home or business quickly!
We Push Industry Standards
Our QualityPro mark designates that our technicians ascribe to professional pest management standards that far exceed the requirements of provincial and federal regulations

Terminix Canada Reviews

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4.1 759 reviews

  • Lokesh Gaur ★★★★★ 4 months ago
    Terminix amazing service and very professional. They heard all issues and customized treatment as per our issues. Highly recommend their service.
  • Bernie Mutter ★★★★★ 3 months ago
    Very impressed with the level of service we received. Extremely professional. Sound knowledge of the service provided. Explained the work outline clearly.
  • Ayse Nida Kurekci ★★★★★ 3 months ago
    Gage and Marshall were extremely helpful and kind! Very fun to talk to and they’re efficient with their work. We’re very happy with our balcony netting!

We Won’t Rest Until We’ve Removed Every Last Pest

Pests don’t care about your home or business. So why suffer? Choose the Canadian pest control specialists with over 90 years of experience.

For infestations big or small, we want to hear every detail. Simply tell us what happened and we’ll build the pest control program you need.

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We’re open 24/7 | Call 1-888-801-6348

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